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    This is actually Adam Scott, Hollywood Bad Boy
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    Hangin with My lovely wife Naomi, reading Harry Potter to my kids, listening to U2, REM, and if I need to change my vibe? Drop some choice Dead shows (1972 for mellowing me out after kicking Hollywood's ass, 1977 for getting me revved up and ready to kick Hollywood's ass again). then it's time for some straight chillin' round the way, Santa Cruz style, ya know? Puffin' hooters, chewing boomers and making tie-dye shirts for my Dad's friends, then at sunset head down to my church, which you might know as the beach, but for us Cruz Cruisers AKA the Boardwalk Bunch AKA the SCBOYZ it's known as church, not the beach. So church bells ring and I open my eyes to discover I'm kneeling in front of an altar boy not a blue foamy crusher that's when I realize I went to an actual church, not the beach, which is known as church to me, but instead of hitting the gnar-gnar water ladders with my 8ft soft-top boogie board (ages 12-up only, I don't play around with that kiddie stuff, that stuff that is for kids) custom spray painted to have the original poster art for The Lost Boys but my head airbrushed over that dude from Bill and Ted that's not Keanu because that's why I got into pretending to be other people in front of cameras, to meet remake Lost Boys with the same cast except not-Keanu and I guess another reason I slyly waited until now to smirk at you knowingly, pull my sun shades down my nostril middle and I turn to the camera I envision everywhere I go at all times " I heard you can make some pretty big paychecks, we're talking BOO-KOO-DOLL-ORR-AYS BROOOOOSSS"

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  1. Ye three minstrels who art betwixt beast and boy art causing quiteth ye commotion o'er yonder, thine ears nary heard such wicked rhyming nor huzzahs aplenty. Assuredly tis Lucifer's work. Prithee bringeth to me ye olde catapult and rope, verily!
  2. You know what they say about improv and finances.... If you don't get in on the Groundling floor UCBees everywhere because you couldn't afford a proper bee transporter to take the multiple hives your cheap-ass poverty house is covered in to a second city for bee dumping. Unpaid bee fees? Sheeeiiitttt, you think you poor? I've been poehler, and you besser trust me, I've been known to break out pics of me sucking Matt Walsh's dick for rent money to prove I'ant no Fancy Sanzy, Richie Rich, Roberts Baron living off a trust fund so I can do improv without a fucking paycheck. May I suggest stop Nichols and diming people? It's sillsy. Oh and bee fees? Bee fees nuts, you buncha unscripted drama Queens. Speaking of royalty, Andy Daly is a God. Now be a Del and close the door for me, forgot my epi pen.
  3. Pure Guava

    Advice Needed

    Frederick Herman Jones? I coulda swore Fred's last name was "The Scarf-Wearing Detective" that's what Scooby told me and if there's one thing we A-List celebrities originally from Santa Cruz that have co-hosted 2 podcasts on Earwolf with Scottrick "Rude Jude" Lawkerman agree on is that Scooby don't lie, bitches, Scooby is on the up and up, and if you flying higher than the giraffe's vagina that's sitting in a bucket of dry ice on seat 23A on Jet Blue flight 501 (Oakland to JFKENNEDY) as we speak in hopes of getting to the nunnery on time for the transplant surgery (animal vagina transplants are all the rage among rich nuns these days thanks to the discovery of a missing piece of the Dead Sea Scrolls that contains a quote from Jesus during the Sermon on the Mount: "It's all good, bae, you still a virgin in daddy's eyes if the sex be happening in your new animal hoo-haa, word up) to have a chance of success than you are too paranoid to lie, besides, he'd sell his own bitch mother out for just a nibble of a Scooby snack, lies are too hard for the desperate to keep track of; It's easier to spill the beans and walk away rather than to rearrange the beans into different patterns you have to memorize. I don't know if this is the beginning or the end of another caper all I know is fathering triplets with Leslie Knope ain't knope picnic, brother.
  4. Pure Guava

    Advice Needed

    The jig is up. The dance is done. The bird has left its cage. The fat lady has warbled her tune, which in this case is the Scooby Doo theme song. You caught me, this "Pure Guava" character was created to spread buzz about Jude Lincoln Law's upcoming projects. And I would have if it weren't for Ambien night walks of blank. Oh and of course you meddling kids. Grrrr. Be sure to watch "Young Pope 2: Popin' Ain't Easy Movie only on TV" starring Adam Scott as Jude Law in his most memorable role yet: ( get ready for this twist to knock the fuckin' bees off your beard) Fred, the scarf-wearing detective as Adam Scott as Jude Law as Young Pope (Popius Ponti-Raid I, the First of His Name, he thirsts for that Fame (SPOILER ALERT) but can only find "Fame 2: Coco'n Ain't Easy" a direct-to-laserdisc disaster that tried to cash in on that Fame fame but could only wash out like a lame-lame. Fame 2: Coco'n Ain't Easy starring JUDE LINCOLN LAW AS COCO AND HOLY SHIT HIS SECRETARY WAS ALSO NAMED KENNEDY
  5. Pure Guava

    Advice Needed

    something is fishy here ok that's better, I stepped out of the salmon fishery At least that's what I want you to think...I"m on to you "Mayo Moo" like a burger with mayonnaise on it, hold the burger. Tasty. In a place that may or may not smell like a salmon fishery, I will be waiting, bee repellent in hand, writing 0 star reviews for The Young Pope
  6. Pure Guava

    Advice Needed

    OH SNAP, AMBIEN SLEEPWALKING COMA HAS FUCKED ME AGAIN. Better let the rest of mommy's little blackout friend sleep in the dog house tonight. DVR, your sentence has been reprieved by Governor MooMoo with a last second call to the gas chamber that showed up fully installed and in working order in my basement one night (gophers that refused to make funny faces while holding a golf ball were the test subjects, not people, I may be a sick fuck but not a twisted sicko) after what I'm guessing was an Ambien sleepwalking coma but I don't have any tools, technical know-how or a truck that can haul 7,000 tons of death machinery, much less the ability to transport and install it within an 10 hour window. I've never got a bill or weird charges on my bus pass, just a letter from England saying "I'm going to kill you in this very soon, "this" being the gas chamber that I paid to have installed during one of your weekly walking coma adventures and "kill" meaning murder you by strapping you into it and "you" meaning you and "soon" meaning within a fortnight." Sincerely Yours, Signed By Your Future Murderer, J. Law. So random, do you think it has anything to do with the gas chamber? Best I could come up with is this Jlaw feller must be inviting me to play Fortnite. Oooohh maybe it's J-Lo spelled in an ethnically mysterious to me way. Playing Fortnite with J-Lo, that'd be dope, right Mayor? is
  7. Pure Guava


  8. Pure Guava

    Advice Needed

    Law? Returns? Episode? What is this, the debut of "Where Are They Now: Jude Law Edition" on the network that has that contract to broadcast this show? I hope my DVR's Jude Law and/or Bizby Moomoo alert(s) was still set to RECORD ALL NEVER DELETE or some unlucky DVR is sleeping in the dog house tonight!
  9. If I ever open up an Asian cookware store specifically targeted to Rastafarians you better believe I'm naming it Jah-pan.
  10. Pure Guava

    Best of 2018 Pt. 1

    If there were a best of award for best of awards the CBB annual best ofs would win the best of award for best of awards.
  11. And now his watch has ended...thought it was waterproof, 'twas not. 'Tis a shame, he only had it a few days, certainly not a Rolex by any means, but a sturdy, fashionable timepiece all the same that will be missed.
  12. Is this catchphrase too long? Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck it Whew, just made it, one more letter and I'd be over the limit have to add a (cont) or a contraction tht dnt' exist
  13. Boys will be boys, men will turn into old men, but Boys 2 Men live forever in the part of our hearts that only rent to adolescents aging to adulthood while singing 4-part harmony over Philly soul with a touch of New Jack bad boy to keep the ladies frothing
  14. Every pirate and French sailor you ever met tried to warn you that gonorrhea should be called stayorrhea but alas, the last pirate died 100 years before you were born and you abhor the thought of engaging with a Frenchman.