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  1. Sam.


    This is great
  2. Sam.

    169° (It IS That Kind of Show)

    Make this downloadable?
  3. Cut this bad boy down and i'll plug it in!
  4. Sam.

    Dickie Plugman

    Track not found
  5. Sam.

    A Boy Named Trent

  6. Sam.

    Theme Song to "Plugs Summer"

    This is really good
  7. Sam.

    mo plugs

    This is very cool, make it downloadable to use on the show?
  8. This is a perfect length, and very nicely made.
  9. Sam.

    Slung 'tent

    This is really pretty
  10. This is the best plugs song that has ever been submitted
  11. Sam.

    Episode 168.5 - Minisode 168.5

    I should have introduced myself, apologies.
  12. Sam.

    Plug F. Thompkins

    This is great! Shorten it up to pluggin length and i'll snatch it right up
  13. Sam.

    It's the Plugs!!

    Can you make this available for download
  14. Sam.

    Tight Plug

    This is great, maybe make it available for download so I can use it on the show?