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  1. They gets their blues from reading the news, its greens and orange purple hues. Look now here it's the funny pages.
  2. With a name like Dickforbrains von Taint you'd think he might make a better saint.
  3. Charlie Murphy Brown

    Episode 272 - Sean’s Leaked Saturday Night Live Audition

    doing good justice
  4. Charlie Murphy Brown

    Episode 271 - Bang Rodgman, Our Choose Your Own Adventure Friend

    they're crackin skulls
  5. Charlie Murphy Brown

    Episode 270 - Adam Pally, Our Bumper Recorder Part 2

    happy holidays
  6. Coming to theaters soon- The Rock, the roll, and introducing the mashed potatoes.
  7. Out of the frying pan into the fire, your method of cooking leaves much to desire.
  8. Roger Daltrey had a sultry voice with which he sang, and everywhere that Roger went he was a spiffy hang.
  9. Charlie Murphy Brown

    Episode 269 - Sam Richardson, Our Close Friend

    playin' in the 'wood
  10. Charlie Murphy Brown

    Episode 268 - Adam Conover, Our Close Friend

    learn from the best
  11. My parents don't get sarcasm, irony OR the New York Times.
  12. Charlie Murphy Brown

    Episode 267 - PFTi, Our Close Friends

    the kindest buds
  13. Charlie Murphy Brown

    Episode 266 - Tom and Julie, Our Talkshow Friends

    catch em if you can
  14. Charlie Murphy Brown

    Episode 265 - Reggie Watts, Our Spooky Friend

    big thank yous to the boys for playing my flagrant ones theme on the patreon this week along with several other fan submissions. it was probably just a fun one time thing as Sean and Carl's song parody themes are always instant hits, but I'll still try and do a stankier remix, just to see if that's even possible