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  1. Charlie Murphy Brown

    Episode 282 - Kaitlin Olson, Our Close Friend

    how do you like them hollywood handbooks?
  2. Charlie Murphy Brown

    Episode 281 - Thomas Middleditch, Our Big Movie Friend

    281 gigawatts!!!
  3. I can make a mean omelet, it's angry, it's pissed, it's throwing spit wads at the teacher.
  4. I don't believe in chastity belts, but I'll take some chastity Air Jordans if you got a pair.
  5. Charlie Murphy Brown

    Episode 280 - Weird Al, Our Close Friend

    two peas in a pod
  6. Charlie Murphy Brown

    Episode 279 - Heather Anne Campbell, Our Gamer Friend

    tell your co-workers
  7. The steaks have never been higher, farmer Jon's makin' the cows do dabs.
  8. Boundaries, Mom, boundaries! Holy shit you suck at tennis.
  9. Charlie Murphy Brown

    Episode 278 - Sasheer Zamata, Our Fyre Fest Friend

    it belongs in a museum
  10. Saw a bank robber the other day, still holds up.
  11. Charlie Murphy Brown

    Episode 277 - D'Arcy Carden, Our Close Friend

    doin' the greatest good
  12. Serving theses on feces to all living species.
  13. Charlie Murphy Brown

    Episode 276 - Mitra Jouhari, Our Rant Friend

    look out for their cronies
  14. Charlie Murphy Brown

    Episode 275 - Tom and The Doughboys, Our Close Friends

    tell your neighbors