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  1. joel_rosenbaum

    Episode 215.5 - Minisode 215.5

    Ketchup and mayo is "Russian dressing" Ketchup, mayo, and relish is "Thousand island" also known as In n' Out burger sauce, which is delicious.
  2. joel_rosenbaum

    Episode 213 - Shanghai Surprise (w/ Jordan Rubin)

    Definitely were; there were more varied pitches used in the old days, not less. Hoyt Wilhelm (who debuted in the 1950s) was a pure knuckleball guy.
  3. joel_rosenbaum

    Episode 212.5 - Minisode 212.5

    I'm hoping for the Cyndi Lauper / Jeff Goldblum vehicle "Vibes"
  4. joel_rosenbaum

    One Crazy Summer (1986)

    Those Savage Steve Holland movies were really weird.
  5. joel_rosenbaum

    Episode 209.5 - Minisode 209.5

    Damn right it does. (John Milius, patron saint of 80s action garbage)
  6. joel_rosenbaum

    Episode 209.5 - Minisode 209.5

    Seems like a reasonable list, Cameron. I would probably go with a "category list" 1) A movie starring the Coreys 2) One of the father-son body switching movies 3) A jingoistic Reagan-era military action film 4) Blank Check 5) North
  7. Hey all, sorry for my prolonged absence... just wishing everyone Merry Christmas alongside our old friends of Krush Groove:
  8. joel_rosenbaum

    Episode 202.5 - Minisode 202.5

    Never going to have a better opportunity to post this song:
  9. joel_rosenbaum

    Episode 199.5 - Minisode 199.5

    I won't speak for everyone, but "doing anything with your friends" is a rare event post-parenthood. Nevermind birthdays. I don't really celebrate them at all.
  10. joel_rosenbaum

    Family Business (1989)

    "All I'm trying to do, Mark, is help you understand that The Name of the Rose is merely a blip on an otherwise uninterrupted downward trajectory."
  11. joel_rosenbaum

    Episode 198 - Look Who’s Talking Too: LIVE!

    Note that these effectiveness numbers are *almost always* based on self-reporting. Meaning when barrier methods (condoms and diaphragms, etc.) fail it's usually because people are lying about using them.
  12. joel_rosenbaum

    Musical Mondays Week 48 School Daze

    That's the point, I think. Sal can cast away his background in the neighborhood, personal feelings towards Mookie, Buggin Out, Raheem, etc. in really just one action. He doesn't have to be thoughtful or premeditated about it. He's white and he has access to all the privileges that entails. Using the N-word makes that clear to everyone. I thought that was best part of the movie, although it's been a while. As for Mookie, I think he's not supposed to have a plot. He's the narrator, like Ishmael or Nick Carraway. *Hey guys, taking a break from writing. It's been a while. How are you all?
  13. joel_rosenbaum

    Musical Mondays Week 48 Preview (Grudlian's 2nd pick)

    Sorry guys, I have been totally swamped. I'll be above water in a few weeks. Thanks for your understanding.
  14. joel_rosenbaum

    Episode 197 - Beastly: LIVE!

    Still impossible There are no roads to Machu Picchu, besides the one that comes from the tourist village in the neighboring valley. The only way to get *there* is by train.
  15. joel_rosenbaum

    Episode 196.5 - Minisode 196.5

    Cameron, join the dark side