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  1. taylorannephoto

    Trailer Talk

    I want this "Ted Bundy is hot" trend to die in a fire lol.
  2. taylorannephoto

    Trailer Talk

    I think that's it exactly. The same with that Ted Bundy Zac Efron movie coming out soon cause we just hit the 30th anniversary of all that shit (it's either of his death or when he was arrested I shamefully can't remember because Bundy is not actually on my top list of murderers).
  3. taylorannephoto

    Trailer Talk

    According to IMDB it was released August 21, 2009. His last two were late December so this does seem very early in the year for him. But I'm wondering if he's trying to take advantage of dead weeks where nothing good comes out. I think Jordan Peele and Marvel have shown that there's no longer a need for certain movies to come out only at a certain time. Although I'm still kinda meh on QT, but the story of the Manson family and Sharon Tate is up there for me in my murder story loving mind so I'm definitely interested to see what he does with all of that.
  4. taylorannephoto

    West Side Story

    Haven't gotten to the episode yet, but I just want to dedicate this post to the perfection that is EGOT winner Rita Moreno. (And if y'all haven't seen One Day at a Time pls do because it's great and Netflix is dumb for cancelling it.)
  5. taylorannephoto

    A Night At The Opera

    Okay I haven't seen either of the Marx brothers films, but based on the clips they played to highlight the comedic moments in each episode, I vote that A Night at the Opera is the one that deserves to stay because the clips from this one made me laugh more and gave me more joy than what I heard from Duck Soup. Terrible way to base an opinion, I know I know, but one day I'll be able to actually get to all of these properly and make an educated decision.
  6. Oh this is hilarious to me. I love calling a trend boring and then getting called a fascist. I also love being told I'm "Reddit" and apparently they hate me over there lol!
  7. LMAO You're opinion was "They're too loud." We pointed out how there is a trend in sexism within comments. You got offended and want us to be nicer.
  8. It was only somewhat directed towards you, because you directly responded to me the first time trying to distance yourself from the hate that had been directed towards Erin, rather than owning up to the fact that you replied to the comment that directly pointed out Erin and agreed with that person, only to seemingly cover yourself by naming two others as if that makes it okay. But then other people came in and named Erin and then Bryan and it started this trend. And the point that I'm still trying to make is that no matter what, like Cameron said, it's not a constructive comment. It's boring and takes away from the enjoyment a lot of us get from these forums. But yeah a lot of us are veterans here, and when I say that these comments are starting to get boring, it's not just because 4/5 of the first comments were about Erin's loudness, it's because we've seen this so much when a woman is a guest and especially on a live show. Anna Faris is the only female guest I've seen get hate from an in studio episode and every other one is a live show. So it's a huge pattern that is absolutely ridiculous.
  9. In all fairness Elektra was the one that mentioned noticing the sexuality of all those getting so much hate. I noticed it always ends up being the women, because I can recall even with straight (or straight presenting) female guests get told by new forum users that they suck and shouldn't be invited back (Anna Faris, Natasha Leggero, Karen Kilgarrif, Tawney Newsome), but Elektra is right the truly vile things said were directed towards both Cameron Esposito and Tig Notaro and it's very interesting what those two women have in common. It's really just boring. And people can cover it up with saying other people involved were annoying or yelling too, but they always ALWAYS mention the woman first and then act like they're okay because then they mention the gay man or Jason as well. It's BORING feedback that you should all know Paul doesn't give a shit about to begin with.
  10. taylorannephoto

    Live Shows Not Yet Posted

  11. taylorannephoto

    Live Shows Not Yet Posted

    That's a Stitcher Premium only unfortunately. Because it was part of a podcast festival they never released it from behind the paywall.
  12. Soooo... are you waiting for us to guess or is there a certain time you're just gonna tell us?