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  1. taylorannephoto

    All About Eve

    I was about to say that same thing. It would have been totally used as anti-LGBT propaganda.
  2. taylorannephoto

    All About Eve

    Fair enough! And I wanted to again make it clear that I completely understand what you had been saying in your own argument.
  3. taylorannephoto

    All About Eve

    I appreciate that. It became frustrating that it took someone else saying the exact same thing I was trying to say for you to say that it was a good point, albeit recognizably worded differently, that I was kinda throwing my hands up in the air in confusion lol.
  4. taylorannephoto

    All About Eve

    Yeah because I certainly wasn't talking about context of the character throughout the whole movie that entire time...
  5. taylorannephoto

    All About Eve

    Agreed. It was so jarring it actually kind of makes me mad because now I legit can't remember what they were talking about during that scene because I was focusing on that the whole time.
  6. taylorannephoto

    Musical Mondays Week 45 Oliver & Company

    I know I'm not even talking about the movie anymore but I love animals so much I'll talk about them all the time lol.
  7. taylorannephoto

    Musical Mondays Week 45 Oliver & Company

    My Oliver acts more like a dog! Did they switch bodies maybe? Cause Oliver will bring me toys to play fetch with all day long if he could. My aunt was watching him while I was at the beach and we talked on the phone for a bit and she was legit like "Oh my god he just brought me a stick like he wants me to throw it!" I told her to throw it and he immediately ran and brought it back and she had a fit lol.
  8. taylorannephoto

    All About Eve

    Exactly! I don't think I worded my posts correctly in that sense, because when I say she "made her choice" it was purely to stop putting herself in these lead roles that were meant for women 20 years younger than her. Declaring no more make believe then to me means she's accepted herself as she is and doesn't have to continue acting like something she's not. On stage or off.
  9. taylorannephoto

    Musical Mondays Week 45 Oliver & Company

    Ms Bennet for sure has resting bitch face. She's also a bitch but you can definitely see it all over her face lol.
  10. taylorannephoto

    Musical Mondays Week 45 Oliver & Company

    Omg well Kitty Pryde should meet Ms. Kitty Bennet
  11. taylorannephoto

    All About Eve

    Then you're just not listening to what I'm saying in response because you keep saying the same thing without further acknowledgement that IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE ALTERED AT ALL IN A "MODERN" CONTEXT FOR IT TO MAKE SENSE WHY SHE WANTS TO GET MARRIED. I never said anything about man vs woman bringing this up, and even acknowledged that I understand the frustrations because I too look for those kinds of things in movies, but I personally disagree about THIS specific movie being put into that mindset. The monologue in the car shows the inner struggle she had as an unmarried woman of 40 with her own career in 1950 who is very much in love with a man but also wants her stardom, but later at the dinner she has solved that inner conflict and it makes sense why she makes the decision she does. Even in a modern 2018 movie, if you take the EXACT same scenes it would still make sense to me. I don't want it to be spelled out because that does nothing for the character.
  12. taylorannephoto

    Episode 194.5 - Minisode 194.5

    I listen via iTunes so it may be the same as Stitcher which is promising.
  13. taylorannephoto

    All About Eve

    I know exactly what you meant, and I still think that's wildly unrealistic. If a movie in 2018 had some girl spell out that she's getting married for herself I would roll my eyes so hard they probably would fall out of their sockets. I think it's more fucked up to question any woman's motive to marry if it's not specifically spelled out to be a terrible relationship. So my point is that even watching this movie from 1950 I do not question Margo's desire in 2018 because this is a realistic character with realistic desires and troubles.
  14. taylorannephoto

    All About Eve

    I think that's a wildly unrealistic conversation though. Women don't actually say "Well, I'm doing this for me," when it comes to marriage unless specifically asked. So, if Karen had added to her surprise that she didn't think Margo would actually want to get married then we could get such a specific line, but I believe it's all there in between the lines that she's actually saying. By that point in the movie we've already gotten to know Margo and she's already had her "being a woman" monologue in the car, so we know that this is something she is battling with. And even if this was created now I would still be able to see those nuances to this conversation. I don't need her to say anything point blank because I know for a fact that Margo Channing doesn't do a thing like that if she doesn't want to do it.