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  1. taylorannephoto

    Upcoming Episodes

    And it's obvious they record the audience phone calls separately from the rest of the show. That probably takes them all of 5 minutes to comment on some phone calls and then they can go about whatever they need to do for the day.
  2. taylorannephoto

    Listener Questions Special

    The point is maybe not for everyone lol
  3. taylorannephoto

    Listener Questions Special

    For me personally, I liked aspects of it but there was a lot that just felt unnecessary. Like the actual parts of Tom finding this sex club and infiltrating it and then being followed and this movie turning into this great thriller was really amazing to watch. The whole thing with him and Nicole and their fuckin weird ass marriage though? Nah didn't like that at all. Didn't like how Nicole just wanted to rub in his face that she was desired by other men and wanted to fuck around on her husband. Does that make his motivation for finding this secret club more apparent? Yeah sure, but the amount of time they spent on it and the way I felt like it rather demonized Nicole's character really put me off.
  4. taylorannephoto

    Listener Questions Special

    I'll admit that real life shit kicked me in the butt and totally pushed back a lot of movie viewings I've been meaning to do. Also, I'm still obsessed with Haunting of Hill House so if I ever get a chance to sit and watch something I take the opportunity to rewatch that. But with all that said here's my very small list. All About Eve ★★★★★ Singin In The Rain ★★★★★ Titanic ★★★★½ Psycho ★★★★½ The Sixth Sense ★★★★½ Wizard of Oz ★★★★½ Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★½ 2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★ Taxi Driver ★★★★ Bonnie & Clyde ★★★★ LotR: TFotR ★★★½ E.T. ★★★½ The Shawshank Redemption ★★★½ The General ★★★½ The French Connection ★★★
  5. taylorannephoto

    Listener Questions Special

    I wonder if Amy feels the same way about Eyes Wide Shut that I do which is like.... not great....
  6. taylorannephoto

    Listener Questions Special

    I'm still judging all of y'all for having Titanic SO LOW.
  7. taylorannephoto

    Listener Questions Special

    That is very true and very fair, and everyone that is there is also super kind and tolerant of different opinions which is awesome! The creator, Kate, is one of the best mods that group could've gotten.
  8. taylorannephoto

    Listener Questions Special

  9. taylorannephoto

    The "I Voted" Thread

    In Texas we certainly had a lot of sadness with Beto losing, but on a grassroots level he inspired so many people and Texas has become more purple than it's been in decades and we saw a lot of success in the house. Things are changing, even if it's taking a little more time than we all had hoped.
  10. taylorannephoto

    Listener Questions Special

    Even being part of the Facebook group I have to admit I'm a lil salty that they get special treatment over other platforms. I had to significantly lessen my time on there because of shit and I got off of Twitter almost completely (save for deleting my account totally). I wish questions had been accepted from everywhere!
  11. taylorannephoto

    The "I Voted" Thread

    I voted!
  12. taylorannephoto

    Musical Mondays Week 51 The Rose

  13. Sorry y'all I completely spaced!!! It's been A Time irl so my mind has been obviously not retaining a lot things lol.
  14. taylorannephoto

    200th Mini Retrospective Clip Show Spectacular!

    Okay okay lol. I can't answer for Dean Cain, but at least with Home for Christmas it's obvious they were trying to be both Christmas-y and patriotic at the same time. I don't make them, but I work for a TV listings company (basically we fill out all the information for cable guides) and so when we get Hallmark's posters they always have the date and what channel they'll be airing on. Well they also always repeat so the artwork can't have any mention of anything specific like that on it. So my job is to remove that and prepare them for air. They sent a handful of this year's batch of Christmas by the beginning of October, with the first of their holiday movies airing a week before Halloween
  15. taylorannephoto

    200th Mini Retrospective Clip Show Spectacular!

    The red pushes them back into qualification.