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  1. taylorannephoto

    Episode 8 - Marc Maron

    I don't think I've ever heard Maron laugh that hard or genuinely and it was a god damn delight
  2. taylorannephoto

    Episode 204.5 - Minisode 204.5

    Dude... that was Nicole Kidman c'mon! Also I agree because their chemistry was off the hook
  3. taylorannephoto


    Kate Littleton over on Facebook is truly a really great moderator and I give her props for having to deal with all of that shit in the most professional of ways, cause she's really just a fan like the rest of us and started that whole page on her own.
  4. taylorannephoto


    Literally the amount of threads started because Amy used the word "incel" again is making me get a stomach ulcer.
  5. taylorannephoto


    So I've been avoiding the Unspooled forums because I'm very behind on the podcast, but I just have to say that I joined the Facebook page and... wow do a lot of people hate Amy over there... It seems like weekly there's a thread that gets started because Amy is too "lazy" to use different terms to describe things or how dare she not notice such and such metaphor about such and such thing in such and such movie. Literally no one ever mentions Paul... Also I'll give y'all two guesses to who keeps starting said threads... I miss out on a lot of the movie talk but I still listen to the shows and I don't find either of the hosts lacking in any department, in fact I feel like they've both found their stride as co-hosts and have only become more in tune with each other. It just seems bonkers to me that Amy would get nitpicked to literal death and it's making me severely re-think being part of that group over there.
  6. taylorannephoto

    Episode 204.5 - Minisode 204.5

    It's the. worst. wig. Also I didn't believe they had any romantic chemistry! I mean totally great bro energy with the possibility of falling in love years later lmao, but I'm thinking you give me two or three more adventures with those two and THEN I could believe they fell in love lol.
  7. taylorannephoto

    Episode 204.5 - Minisode 204.5

    The couple next to me when I saw it were laughing SO hard during some parts that I couldn't help but laugh as well, and during the entire war scene the three of us were just cracking up. I mean literally crab people vs mermaids is the funniest shit I've ever seen.
  8. taylorannephoto

    Episode 204.5 - Minisode 204.5

    I wanted to DO Aquaman
  9. taylorannephoto

    Episode 204.5 - Minisode 204.5

    These are both two movies my mom watched recently and was completely flummoxed enough to talk about them over the phone with me...
  10. taylorannephoto

    Musical Mondays Week 55 Rockula

  11. taylorannephoto

    He's Just Not That Into You (2007)

    Please do this movie and get Greg Behrendt to be the guest!
  12. taylorannephoto

    Musical Mondays Week 55 Rockula

    SAME! I didn't get that at all! I mean I didn't get the damn music video until the legit showed the tv and the fact that it was a music video cause the whole time I was like why are these people just walking around with these homeless children?! But this does bring me to another point too - so he actually sees scenes from the music video in that weird dream he had where he was watching her perform but then the pirate swooped in to kiss her and now I'm wondering, does he see the future?
  13. taylorannephoto

    Musical Mondays Week 55 Rockula

    So I thought of something I watched within the last couple of years where someone got locked in the mirrorverse but it was literally only what the mirror could see in that one room. They tried to get out the door but couldn't because the door in the real world was closed, therefore there was nothing to open up to in the mirrorverse. Is that the same for Mirror!Ralph? Is he truly relegated to only rooms that have mirrors? And if that's the case WHERE THE FUCK DO ALL THOSE GIRLS COME FROM?
  14. taylorannephoto

    Musical Mondays Week 55 Rockula

    Like the mirror version truly seemed to be living his best life in that mirrorverse so I don't even know what his problem was.
  15. taylorannephoto

    Top Films of 2018

    I only mention my cousin because I admittedly have not seen the film, but I trust those around me that are also LGBTQ+ that took issues with this. Bi-erasure is very real and happens so much in such micro-agressive ways that completely change the way I look at things. Like for example, the way Orange is the New Black completely refuses to even utter that term (in one episode Piper's mom asks her if she's "a lesbian" now and Piper responds "why do I have to use a term?") On one hand that is a valid question that she asked but on the other HEY FUCKERS BISEXUALITY FUCKING EXISTS AND THAT IS WHAT SHE IS. It's very disappointing when you actually get very excited to see your own bicon portrayed in film and then you find out his entire self identification gets pushed out the window. (This also leads me to not getting my hopes up for Elton's biopic coming out cause he also said he was bisexual but I highly doubt they'll include that anywhere.)