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  1. Come on in! https://www.rabb.it/CameronH
  2. Cameron H.


    Oh, I’m including that in the second “run.” I guess I should have really said the “Gonna Fly Now” scene. I just meant there’s not a lot of time devoted to training in the movie at all. Like Cam Bert said, the other movies are more about the “fight,” so the training is more center stage. The fight isn’t really the point of Rocky.
  3. Cameron H.


    When I watched it this time I thought to myself, “I there being way more training.” I guess I got it confused with the other more montage heavy sequels, but it’s really just the two runs, the meat thing, and the rope/balance thing with Mickey. That’s pretty much it.
  4. Of course! I’m all set with the room.
  5. No apologies necessary Life gets in the way. We all know we all need to pop in and out from time to time.
  6. Cameron H.


    Honestly, I think he’s been crushing on her his whole life.
  7. Cameron H.


    He specifically says he didn’t get married because of her. I *think* he’s supposed to be quite a bit older than her. At least, he tells her he “raised” her at one point. I think their parents died when she was pretty young and he took care of her and there’s a lot of resentment. He blames her, like he blames everyone, for his shitty lot in life. My only problem with this as I feel like Rocky says at one point he and Paulie “grew up together.” But we also know both Rocky and Adrian are ~30, so who knows. I don’t think we learn much more about Paulie in the sequels except for he’s a chronic leech and disaster waiting to happen.
  8. Cameron H.


    The Monkees’ Christmas Album (Christmas Party-Available Now) is great. There’s no denying that. Everyone should buy it.
  9. Cameron H.


    Drown it out with Hanson’s “Finally, it’s Christmas” (I’m acting as Hanson’s street team this Holiday Season. You will be hearing me mention them a lot.)
  10. Cameron H.


    I love the fact that this is your White Whale
  11. Cameron H.


    I agree, but I also feel like that’s intentional. She’s specially written to have no agency and her journey is to retake it - which she does when she finally snaps at Paulie and moves out. She goes from this mumbling, caged bird, to this woman that’s willing to push and scream her way through a crowd to get what she wants. Granted, it’s not perfect since the thing she wants, as well as the source of her new found confidence, is a man, but it’s still something she wants for herself and actively works toward. I guess I personally feel like it’s that intention separates it from other movies that treat women like straight props.
  12. Cameron H.


    Sorry, I haven’t listened to the episode yet so I’m not sure what they said, but I think this is right. I would say, while Rocky may not be intellectually smart, he’s got high emotional intelligence. He knows she’s too shy to talk about herself, so he talks about himself to set her at ease. No, it’s not the most romantic approach, but with these two, traditional romance wasn’t ever really in the cards. If he were to ask her questions about herself, at best, all he’s going to get are “yes/no” answers. Most likely, it would be unintelligible mutterings and quiet nods - which would be far more awkward and uncomfortable. Like he tells Paulie, they have gaps and they fit together. She gets him and he gets her. You just kind of have to accept that. So, yeah, I agree. I feel like their relationship is realistic in the sense that most real life romances are awkward and stupid.
  13. And I’m fine with artistic license, but it should serve a greater theme. Something I think FFJ tries to do, but doesn’t really nail. It might be a bit cliche, but I think I would have started the movie with her recital for President Hayes. It would show how much true promise she truly had, and how that promise got taken away from her. This way, playing Carnegie at the end would feel like a more impactful moment than just enabling the delusions of a wealthy socialite.