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  1. In defense of Vin Diesel (a sentence I never thought I’d write), from what I understand, it’s not that he demands to know what every “I am Groot” means, so much as James Gunn had a special script created for him to translate what he’s actually saying so he can give it the proper inflection. For example, when he’s dusted in Infinity War, according to the directors, his “I am Groot” was him crying out “father” (i.e. Rocket Raccoon)
  2. Cameron H.

    HDTGM movie defenders

    Cause I can't fight this feeling anymore I've forgotten what I started fighting for And if I have to crawl upon the floor Come crushing through your door Baby, I can't fight this feeling anymore...
  3. Cameron H.

    HDTGM movie defenders

    I genuinely like so many of the movies you listed
  4. Cameron H.

    The Maltese Falcon

    Maybe I missed something (probably), but I never felt like the love plot in The Maltese Falcon was ever meant to be sincere. I just figured that they were just using each other to get what they wanted ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Cameron H.

    The Maltese Falcon

    For the record, there are quite a few movies on the AFI List the I would happily replace with Galaxy Quest.
  6. Cameron H.

    The Maltese Falcon

    Amy & Paul fly through 1941's Humphrey Bogart proto-noir The Maltese Falcon! They ask if this is the ultimate "dad movie," learn about all of Malta's unique animals and praise the incredible fonts of 1940's San Francisco. Plus: Adam Savage (Mythbusters) talks about his obsession with recreating the original Maltese Falcon prop. How would you recast The Philadelphia Story's love triangle in 2019? Call the Unspooled voicemail line at 747-666-5824 with your answer! Follow us on Twitter @Unspooled, get more info at unspooledpod.com and don’t forget to rate, review & subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts. Photo credit: Kim Troxall This episode is brought to you by Sonos (www.sonos.com) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  7. Cameron H.

    Shameless Self-Promotion

    I will say this: we have a Special Edition dropping tomorrow that might leave an opening for this Thanks for listening
  8. Cameron H.

    HDTGM movie defenders

    I love Monster Trucks
  9. I also felt a (poorly done) Rocky Horror vibe while watching it.
  10. Cameron H.

    Shameless Self-Promotion

    For anyone interested, here's the RSS feed: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:325581151/sounds.rss
  11. Cameron H.

    Episode 218.5 - Minisode 218.5

    Amazing! Thank you for sharing this!
  12. LOL - I was like, “Oh, Jesus, how long is this thing going to be?
  13. OMG, when the movie started with about 10 newsreels I started wondering if the whole movie was just that - newsreel after newsreel.
  14. For me, I think I might have enjoyed it if I were in the right mood. It was pretty crazy and it definitely needs to be seen by more eyes. I think my brain couldn’t handle the juxtaposition from The Boys to this