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  1. I just got live footage of Cam Bert...
  2. Were they confused by that line? I must have missed that. But, yeah, 100%, he’s asking to be mercy killed. He’s been hanging there crucified, blind and bleeding, for what appears to be days. Furthermore, if Brody went the traditional crucifixion route, which is likely, he would have also broken Cusack’s legs. This would be more painful and would have expedited death by asphyxiation. And, considering Brody is portrayed as one of those cruel and psychotic Romans in the vein of Caligula, there’s also a very good chance that he got even more exotic and shoved a stick up Cusack’s dick - something that has been reported as a thing that happened to some crucifixion victims. So, like, I get they thought it lame that Chan didn’t put more effort into saving Cusack, but honestly, there’s not much he could have done for him. Homeboy was already dead.
  3. The gang seemed confused by the idea of massive armies sending out a champion to fight a battle for them. Daniel concedes that this probably happened, but everyone agreed that it probably didn't happen until later in history. First of all, I don't feel like the idea that each side would send out a champion is really all that crazy. The rationale being: if our very best guy can beat your very best guy, then ultimately, we'd would probably win the battle anyway, so why bother with all the bloodshed? As far as it not happening until later in history, according to Judeo-Christian history, the story of David and Goliath (perhaps the most famous example of this kind of thing) was said to have occurred around 1025 B.C. - approximately 975 years before the events of this film. Whether or not you believe in David and Goliath as historical fact, it would have been a story circulating for almost a millennium. To me, that at least suggests that the idea of sending out a Champion to fight a proxy battle for your army wasn’t something that would be completely unheard of at the time.
  4. First of all, I just wanted to say that I thought Erin and Daniel were fantastic guests! I loved the energy they brought, and I really hope that they can be brought back sometime in the future. In defense of John Cusack's accent work, or lack thereof, I have to admit that I was totally cool with it. The movie had already made the decision that English was going to equal Roman/Latin, but back then, just because someone was "Roman," didn't necessarily mean that they were "from Rome." The Roman Empire stretched from the Portugal to the Middle East and from the British Isles to Africa. Once a culture was conquered by the Romans, they weren't expected to completely abandon their native language, so I'm sure that a pure "Roman accent" would be pretty hard to pin down. I mean, how many accents are there in the America? Hell, accents can change within the same state. So, maybe, in the world of Dragon Blade, to show a difference in class, Roman's born in Rome - like Brody's character - have English accents, while Roman's born in Gaul or some shit have a more Chicagoan, every man type of flavor. The fact that they all sing in Latin still makes no fucking sense though...
  5. Cameron H.

    Musical Mondays Week 59 Passing Strange

    I just wanted to say I just bought the soundtrack and I love it 🥰
  6. Cameron H.

    Best of 2018: Critics' Picks

    Hearts Beat Loud was maybe my favorite movie of last year
  7. Cameron H.

    Musical Mondays Week 59 Passing Strange

    I literally didn’t catch that until the last song
  8. Cameron H.

    Ep. 1 To Space… But Further!

    I literally just discovered this podcast existed! I am so excited to listen. The cast and concept sounds amazing.
  9. The year is 2263. Tucker Lentz (Colton Dunn), an inept insurance salesman with dreams of being a space captain finally gets a chance to leave Earth when he boards a tourist shuttle to venture into the galaxy. He is heading to the Space Station ASHA, a facility dedicated to studying a wormhole that mysterious appeared near the moon 25 years ago. However, things quickly go wrong and he finds himself thrust into a great adventure alongside know-it-all lead science officer Elsa Rankfort (Felicia Day), a bumbling janitor (Steve Berg), and an Alien AI (Janet Varney), as well as other members of the ASHA crew. These are the crew logs chronicling their voyage… to the stars!
  10. Cameron H.

    Musical Mondays Week 59 Passing Strange

    I hope the comment card said: "You don't know me and I don't know you...so, please, tell me something about yourself."
  11. Cameron H.

    Musical Mondays Week 59 Passing Strange

    Regarding the filming , unless I'm misunderstanding the complaints, I kind of respected the fact that Spike Lee didn't try to inject too much of his own style upon it. It shows a level of respect for the material to allow it to stand on its own rather than just be another "Spike Lee Joint." I also don't know how you would film this movie in any other way. So much of it relies on metatextual asides and band and audience interaction. I don't know if numbers like "Is it Alright" would work as well if wasn't for the audience getting out of their seats and clapping like they were having a religious experience or something. I mean, I suppose the same thing could be done with actors, but there's something more visceral about seeing people being moved in a genuine, rather than artificial, way.
  12. Cameron H.

    Musical Mondays Week 59 Passing Strange

    So I was reading through the Wikipedia plot synopsis and it says this about the end of the play: "The Narrator and the Youth confront each other directly and in a serious moment for the first time as the Youth copes with his grief; dealing with the loss of the same mother, it is clear now that the Narrator and Youth represent the same person at two different times in his life ("Passing Phase")." Like, no one was actually surprised that they were supposed to be the same person, right?
  13. Cameron H.

    Musical Mondays Week 59 Passing Strange

    Mr. Franklin is very much every church music director I have ever known
  14. Cameron H.

    HDTGM Classics: The Wicker Man

    I Know Who Killed Me is definitely one of those movies where you’re better off just listening to the episode. The last time I listened to it, I was like, “I have to see this movie! It sounds bananas.” And it is, but not in a very interesting way. I found it to be pretty dull overall.