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  1. Yay! I added you as well, WatchOut! As far as being welcoming, it’s super easy when the forums attract such high caliber people. We’re glad to have you and AlmostAGhost here with us now
  2. CameronH

    Any Thoughts on the 200th Episode?

    Rather than a bunch of guests, I think I would like it if it were more like the Junior ep: in studio, just the three of them.
  3. I added you! Here's the original sign up if you want to see who picked what. As you can see, people drift in and out, so there's really no pressure
  4. No problem! Currently, Slide Pocket is the last person on the rotation. Usually, when I get to the end, I’ll ask if anyone wants to jump in. If by that point you want to make your first pick, you’re more than welcome to do so
  5. CameronH

    Is HDTGM just doing live episodes now?

    I was reading a part of an interview with Jerry Seinfeld the other day and the interviewer asked him why he only uses Twitter to promote his work and not tell jokes. Seinfeld replied that he didn’t see the point because he wouldn’t be able to hear the audience’s laughter - which is ultimately the point of being a comedian. He also pointed out that live audiences allow him to better gauge what works and what doesn’t. I’m not saying that’s what’s going on with the HDTGM crew, but it makes a lot of sense.
  6. CameronH

    Double Indemnity

    I guess I just don’t think Neff is smart (sorry, Paul) so much as he thinks he’s smart. I think Paul Referred to his hubris in the episode, and I’d have to agree. He’s so confident in his knowledge of the ins and outs of the insurance racket that he’s either ignoring the fact that Keyes knows far more than he does or feels like he can prove himself as the better man if he can outsmart him. Either way, he’s giving himself far more credit than he deserves.
  7. I think it’s funny that in Never Too Young to Die Gene Simmons is trying to get the “RAM-K” and in Runaway he’s trying to get “Ramsay.” Do you think Gene Simmons’ blossoming acting career was derailed by typecasting?
  8. Ooh! I haven’t seen this in awhile! I’m looking forward to revisiting it
  9. Sara, do you mind swapping with Max this week? If that’s okay...
  10. Speaking of the dumb bug-gum, I would just like to point out that having a reason to plant a bug is just as important as where you plant it. After leaving Ragnar, Lance rushes outside, ducks behind a dumpster, pulls out a receiver of some sort and hopes to hear...what? What was he expecting to happen? As near as I could tell, there was no one even left at The Incinerator. Who did he think Ragnar was going to speak with? Did he just assume that Ragnar would hold criminal court in her dressing room? Was he just hoping that as soon as he left the room Ragnar would indulge herself in a nice, long, self-incriminating soliloquy?
  11. CameronH

    Is HDTGM just doing live episodes now?

    No, I didn't feel like you were complaining at all. The studio episodes are fantastic. I like the atmosphere in them because instead of trying to make an audience laugh they just seem to be trying to make each other laugh - which is absolutely endearing.
  12. Am I the only one who felt that the only reason Vanity's character is named "Danja" is so that it can suit the Bond-ian convention of giving the female characters pun-tacular names? (Danja being a (near) homonym for "Danger.")
  13. That’s actually something I kind of enjoyed although I’m not sure that it was fully explored (or intentional). It showed just how inexperienced he was and showed how far Ragnar was ahead of him. There are fight scenes where the bad guys straight up ignore him and just attack Danja - which is exactly how it should be! She’s the threat! It’s not until he gets Stargroved by his father’s medallion that he actually becomes competent (and a bloodthirsty killer).
  14. CameronH

    Is HDTGM just doing live episodes now?

    I think the last one they did was Beautiful Creatures, but yeah, for all intents and purposes, I think it’s mostly live now. From what I understand, and I can’t remember where I heard/read this so please take it with a grain of salt, their schedules are often too busy to get everyone in the studio. It’s easier for them to schedule one night and knock out two episodes (essentially a month’s worth of HDTGM) than try to get together every two weeks for only one episode. Of course, they could always just record a few episodes while in-studio, but I think they like the energy of a live audience. I get that a lot of people prefer studio eps, but I think it’s a natural consequence of their rising careers. I’m happy that they’re doing well. I think what amazes me is just how reliable they are. There was a time around Monkey Shines where their episodes would be WEEKS late. Granted, I think that was around the time June and Paul had their first child, but since that time, they’ve been remarkably on schedule. The fact that you can count on a new episode dropping every two weeks is absolutely amazing!