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  1. CameronH

    All About Eve

    I don’t know. I feel like - especially back then - her being a lesbian would have only been seen as a part of her overall psychosis. Back in those days, in many places, it was still illegal to be gay and people were institutionalized for being homosexual.
  2. CameronH

    Musical Mondays Week 45 Oliver & Company

    I don't hate it...
  3. CameronH

    Musical Mondays Week 45 Oliver & Company

    And because Jammer hasn't gotten Ram yet... (Goddamn it, guys! I'm trying to finish Double Indemnity! Don't make me choose!)
  4. CameronH

    Musical Mondays Week 45 Oliver & Company

    Tough question. At times I think it would have been amazing had the Beatles stayed together because you'd only keep the solid solo stuff and get rid of all the filler. McCartney, Tug of War, Flaming Pie, Band on the Run, and Ram are all solid. Ram has some of my absolute favorite solo Paul songs with "Dear Boy" and "Back Seat of my Car." Flowers in the Dirt has some fantastic songs, but a lot of meh. I love "Put it There," "This One," and "We Got Married." I also think New is a solid (full) album - which is why I'm probably a little more disappointed in Egypt Station than I would be otherwise. Honestly, though, I can probably find something I love on every album - even Press to Play
  5. CameronH

    Musical Mondays Week 45 Oliver & Company

    Totally. I’ll take what I can get, but this really isn’t his best work (I do like them more than Driving Rain, though) ETA: Okay...”Fuh You” is starting to grow on me. It’s kind of a fun (if stupid) singalong
  6. CameronH

    Musical Mondays Week 45 Oliver & Company

    So weird. And because I’m a big ole fuddy-duddy, I looked up “fuh” in Urban Dictionary (SPOILER ALERT: it means “fuck”) Now I’m thinking Paul’s just trying to be cool. Next thing you know he’s going to write a song about being “on fleek.” Also, it calls into question his other song on the album “Come On to Me.” It feels like Paul got old - and incredibly horny.
  7. CameronH

    Musical Mondays Week 45 Oliver & Company

    LOL - Nope, I pre-ordered it and that's the title and those are the lyrics. I agree, the music is fine, but you're right, the lyrics are something else. I guess (maybe) the way he sings "I wanna Fuh You" kinda sounds like "I want to love you" so it can be taken both ways. I don't know. I just find this whole thing so shocking!
  8. CameronH

    Musical Mondays Week 45 Oliver & Company

    SIDEBAR: Grudlian, what is happening? Is Paul singing about fuckin’? At least give a metaphor, bro!
  9. CameronH

    All About Eve

    Re: the rear projection I noticed it too, but I figured it was so they could pass beneath the marquee with her name on it. I’m not sure why they couldn’t just do it without the rear projection, though. Was it still difficult to mic people outdoors in those days?
  10. CameronH

    Musical Mondays Week 45 Oliver & Company

    Sorry, I’ve been mostly MIA today. I’ll probably have more to add tomorrow, but for now, did anyone else notice that one of the screenwriters was James Mangold?!
  11. CameronH

    All About Eve

    I agree. What's great about All About Eve is that Margo and Bill are established as equals right from the start. He never once tries to convince her that in order to be happy, they need to get married or anything like that. He respects her decisions, and he never pressures her. The movie allows Margo full agency. She's making decisions on her own terms. And as long as that's the case, it doesn't matter what decade the movie was made or released. Marriage isn't inherently sexist. If they're going into it as partners, then that's great and we should be happy. Now if everyone had been telling her "Why don't you quit this life? Settle down and get married" and she was like "No, no, no." Then, at the end of the film, because of their pestering, she quits acting and marries Bill and is like, "Oh! Now I know true happiness! Why didn't I do this before?" THAT would be a problem.
  12. CameronH

    All About Eve

    This is how I felt as well. She’s making the decision to get married based on what *she* wants - not Bill, or societal pressure, or whatever. Feminists are allowed to fall in love and get married, too
  13. Wow, those are some horny dogs... We watched:
  14. CameronH

    All About Eve

    I get that, but the way I took it was less "giving up the spotlight" and more accepting that fame is fleeting. She realizes that her star is fading, but rather than obsess and drive herself crazy about trying to maintain something she has no control over, she decides to look forward to a new era in her life. It doesn't mean she's giving up on theater altogether, just that it's not going to be her sole focus anymore.