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  1. Bumpy

    Episode 573 - Alfred Molina Flair

    That nearly 2 hour run time put me off and I feel like a Jack Jerk-off for almost missing this.
  2. Bumpy

    Episode 570 - The Dirty 27

    Scott's recent enjoyment of pushing guests for more information when they mention lists and such has been great.
  3. Bumpy

    Episode 568 - Literal Web

    It's just a really podcast.
  4. Bumpy

    Episode 566 - The Calvins Triplets

    Da... da.... ..... da.... da....
  5. Is it just me or is Marissa becoming incrementally more functional? Also, I am very, very concerned with how much truth there is in that ant story. That's not a funny anecdote you just 'think up'.
  6. If you're trying to imply Edi is just Scott in a wig then I want you to know I'm 100% in favor of hearing more on this.
  7. Bumpy

    Episode 562 - They'ven't Yet

    No one hollers funnier than Besser. Also, an easy mnemonic for stalactites/stalagmites: (1) Remember that a stalagmite 'might' fall. (2) Remember that the first part of this mnemonic is wrong. Stalagmites are the ones on the ground.
  8. Bumpy

    Episode 560 - 1-800 Jingles

    It was like hearing Jessica and Will do comedy while running through an obstacle course.
  9. With a lot of podcasts going behind the paywall I'm glad this gem is still free for everyone to enjoy without having to hand over their hard earned clams.
  10. Bumpy

    Episode 558 - Ship of Love

    How is Drew Tarver not an actual pop star?
  11. There's something about hearing people discovering some old thing that completely hits them out of the blue that I've known about for so long that it's nothing to me anymore that just makes me incredibly amused.
  12. Don't Hollywood Handbook us like that!
  13. Bumpy

    Episode 554 - Educainment Squad

    Hee-HEEEE! 'Best of' stuff.
  14. 'You can put a pair of pants on a manatee but you can't teach them ska.' THAT'S a t-shirt.