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  1. SevenDollarsWorthofHoobastank

    Episode 201 - Skyscraper

    The Scandinavian villains name was "Botha".....I was REALLY hoping someone in the movie or one of the folks on the podcast would have made a "is his last name 'Dee Snuts'" joke. But alas, I'm immature.
  2. SevenDollarsWorthofHoobastank

    Episode 195 - Never Too Young to Die: LIVE! (w/ Matt McConkey)

    I was completely annoyed at the off-beat clapping during that Ragnar "musical" performance. The audience was ALL. OVER. THE PLACE! And also, did anyone else feel the "Stargrove" song and that "Christmas Time is Here" song by Horatio Sanz and the SNL crew sound somewhat similar to each other?
  3. SevenDollarsWorthofHoobastank

    Episode 194 - Yes, Giorgio: LIVE!

    Once I got it in my head that he looked like Post Malone without the face tats and gold teeth, it made the movie a tad but more enjoyable.
  4. You fuck with the bull, you get the horns. You fuck with the HORNS, you get Satchmo. So put down the trumpet and pleeeeeease let Mr. Armstrong rest in peace!
  5. SevenDollarsWorthofHoobastank

    Episode 193 - Blues Brothers 2000: LIVE!

    I think it was more that it was a public bathroom where rando's probably spit in there and whatnot. I totally get one's own bathroom sink....but a restaurant bathroom sink?!
  6. SevenDollarsWorthofHoobastank

    Episode 193 - Blues Brothers 2000: LIVE!

    Was anyone else bothered by the moment when Mighty Mac was shaving in the bathroom of the Bob's Country Kitchen restaurant? He filled the sink up with water and would rinse his razor off in it.....that just made me feel incredibly icky.
  7. SevenDollarsWorthofHoobastank

    Episode 191 - Rad: LIVE!

    I'm gonna go on record as saying "BMX Bandits" is MUCH better than "Rad". The villains are much more entertaining, the score is much groovier and the acting is.....well okay, admittedly not MILES better, but at least a quarter of a mile better. Me and my older brother and sister used to watch BMX Bandits on repeat on VHS, along with "The Goonies". Both those movies really fed my appetite to want to explore. I spent many a days during the summers riding my bike around town with my friends looking for shit to get into.
  8. SevenDollarsWorthofHoobastank

    Episode 187 - Beautiful Creatures

    How. *Clap* Many. *Clap* Times. *Clap* Did *Clap* They. *Clap* Say *Clap* Momma *clap* or *clap* My *Clap* Momma *clap* Says!?
  9. SevenDollarsWorthofHoobastank

    Episode 181 - Freejack: LIVE!

    I haven't listened to the ep yet, so I'm not sure if this was addressed....but what the hell was up with the 2 James Brown screams they used in the movie?! I thought maybe I was hearing things when the first one happened in the diner when a laser shot hit the wall. But then minutes later, as Furlong is driving the "Wine-O-Mobile", he hops the curb onto the sidewalk, and a pedestrian hops out of the way while yelping like the beginning of "I Feel Good"! I've heard of the Wilhelm scream, but never the James Brown wail.
  10. SevenDollarsWorthofHoobastank

    Episode 171 - Miami Connection: LIVE!

    So is it Y. K. Kim that has the monopoly on all the little tabs on the zippers of a vast majority of clothing?
  11. I once gave Jill Ebola while listening to Billy Joel. E.coli, though, I got from Cotton Eyed Joe.
  12. SevenDollarsWorthofHoobastank

    Episode 490 - Coma Pants

    I lost it when MC Sugar Butt said "Yeah, shut yo ass up." to Pants when Pants tried to call him out on calling Scott "Scotty D"
  13. I got a feelin' *Woooohooooo* that tonight's gonna be partly cloudy, high of 75, and a 50% chance of precipitation. Fergie, Apl De Ap, back to you.
  14. SevenDollarsWorthofHoobastank

    Episode 474 - Liquid Meal Spheres

    Willy wants to be liked so much but Scott just hilariously wants nothing at all to do with him. A regular "Cats in the Cradle" situation in my mind. But with Big Chunky? I've heard of "Cats in the Cradle and a silver spoon", but "Vats with a Ladle and a Campbell's Spoon"?
  15. SevenDollarsWorthofHoobastank

    Episode 157 - Surf Ninjas: LIVE!

    So I'll be honest, I stopped watching the last 15 minutes of the movie. But what happened to Tone Loc's character? I would like to think he got demoted and shipped off to Miami where he later helped a local Detective (that mainly deals with animal/Pet related crimes) find a local sports teams mascot and it's star player, right before the team played in their championship game.