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  1. theworstbuddhist

    Episode 222 - Unforgettable

    Haven't listened to the episode yet- probably tomorrow- but my wife and I watched the movie tonight and woof, it is rough. My main takeaway from it is that it feels and largely looks like a Lifetime movie with somewhat bigger stars than usual but much the same tone and plot (ie., ridiculous and offensive/racist/sexist/dumb). We are gobsmacked that this was ever released to theatres. On the bright side I was pleasantly surprised when a (mild spoiler) a particular supporting cast member was NOT murdered. And hey, Cheryl Ladd is still alive and working! If you call this working. Seriously though, this movie is garbage.
  2. theworstbuddhist

    Episode 221.5 - Minisode 221.5

    I consider that to be part of the Muppets, but sure.
  3. theworstbuddhist

    Episode 221.5 - Minisode 221.5

    I can't think of a single thing that Henson made that I enjoyed that wasn't The Muppets. Some Star Wars stuff I guess.
  4. theworstbuddhist

    Film Festival Time

    It's film festival time here in the Canadas, with TIFF in Toronto already happening and my city's much smaller festival, AIFF, starting later this week. Our celebrity guests here in Halifax are Ellen Page (who is from here), presenting a documentary she made about environmental racism called There's Something in the Water; and Willem Dafoe, who will be here to promote the locally shot film The Lighthouse, along with director Robert Eggers (The Witch). I will not be attending either of those galas, because I'm not rich and don't especially care about celebrities, but it is a small city and there is a good chance I will just run into either of them, so if I run into Dafoe I will be sure to compliment him on Streets of Fire and To Live and Die in L.A. I did get tickets for the following films: Parasite; Bacurau; Deerskin; Blood Quantum; and a documentary about Blue Note Records. There are a couple of others I wouldn't mind seeing, especially a documentary about Pauline Kael, but not sure if I will be able to go to them yet.
  5. theworstbuddhist

    Episode 221.5 - Minisode 221.5

    Ironically, with that cast it sounds VERY forgettable.
  6. theworstbuddhist

    Episode 221.5 - Minisode 221.5

    As I've mentioned before, my wife is a librarian - the average public library is certainly NOT a new place for people to commit crimes. But pretty much 100% of librarians will do whatever they can to keep patrons' information private, as long as it doesn't compromise the safety of other patrons or the public.
  7. theworstbuddhist

    Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood (2019)

    And Face/Off isn't a good one either. So there ya go. Welcome the world of different opinions.
  8. theworstbuddhist

    Episode 221. The Hottie and the Nottie

    As someone who has played a mime (granted, it was in a play that I wrote), I say: fuck clowns. Also, what do you do about a grade 1 crush if you skipped grade 1? Asking for a friend. Just kidding, obviously I am not my own friend.
  9. theworstbuddhist

    Free Trashy Movies on VUDU! Now with ads!

    I just noticed Disturbing Behavior on the list - is that the one with Katie Holmes as a goth girl who goes around saying "razor" as a synonym for "cool"? And Barry Watson I think? That would make a decent podcast episode.
  10. theworstbuddhist

    Free Trashy Movies on VUDU! Now with ads!

    There is a fascinating book about Heaven's Gate by one of the producers. I read it before seeing the film for the first and only time I saw it, 25 years ago or so. Not sure which cut it was, it was split over 2 VHS tapes, and it felt like ages.
  11. theworstbuddhist

    Jacob's Ladder (2019)

    Well, I know what I'm watching on the long weekend.
  12. theworstbuddhist

    Episode 220.5 - Minisode 220.5

    I pretty much hate all of the sequels to Raiders with increasing bile for each successive release, but I did notice recently that when they list the movies on Netflix, they have revised the title of the original to the rather clunky "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark", so I guess they agree with you.
  13. theworstbuddhist

    Michael Bay Fight Club Theory

    The whole thing, including the podcast, turns out to be a really slow burning Human Giant sketch.
  14. theworstbuddhist

    Michael Bay Fight Club Theory

    I already like this 1000% more than Fight Club.
  15. theworstbuddhist

    Fateful Findings Seattle Show

    The end of the movie, as I recall, is a fever dream of multiple suicides. I will say that as a person who has struggled with mental illness and suicidal thoughts over the years, it was not triggering in the least FOR ME. Because it is just so stupid and poorly done.