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Episode 114 — People Without Color

Earwolf Admin's Photo Earwolf Admin 24 Mar 2013

Jack Kukoda (writer for Community, previous staff writer for The Onion) joins Andrew Ti to talk about whether or not referring to white people as “people without color” is racist or not. Remember to call us at (323) 389-RACE to ask us about anything you might think is racist.

FrankLangellaMonologue's Photo FrankLangellaMonologue 25 Mar 2013

I wouldn't say it is racist or offensive, it's just kind of stupid.

president cage's Photo president cage 25 Mar 2013

I kind of thought the caller was using the term to make fun of the phrase "people of color" not white people.

somepeople's Photo somepeople 25 Mar 2013

Personally I prefer "melanin deficient"... I agree with the sentiment that you can call white people pretty much anything. Without the structural, societal imbalance to back it up, none of the "slurs" for white people really burn.