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Calling All Podcast Completionists

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Which podcasts have you 'completed' or listened to EVERY EPISODE to date? I can't be the only completion-ist out there! Podcasts with more episodes carry more respect points! Sorry if there is already a thread for this, I couldn't find one via search.


My personal list:


Sklarbro Country (186 eps)



WTF with Marc Maron (376 eps)


Completed but then fell behind about 10 episodes: Ken PD Snydecast (199 eps)




P.S.. I always found it funny that the podcast is called "WTF With Marc Maron" as if the show "WTF" can be or was hosted by someone else. Leaves open the possibility for a Nerdist buyout with Jonah Ray taking the helm.


*Cue the riff*


"And its also 'ehh. Search with Bing"

"What's WRONG with Bing?!"

"Its time for..WTF. WIth Jonah Ray"

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My list of completed podcasts/up to date:

Affirmation Nation

Analyze Phish

By The Way, In Conversation With Jeff Garlin

Call Chelsea Peretti

Comedy Bang Bang


Earwolf Challenge

Earwolf Presents


Giant Bombcast

Improv4Humans with Matt Besser

jay and Dan Podcast

Judge John Hodgman

Mike Detective

On Cinema

The Pod F. Tompkast

Professor Blastoff

The Ricky Gervais Podcast

Sklarbro Country (Excluding many of the county episodes)

Wolf Den

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Forgot about Eardrop and Mike Detective.


I guess another relevant question would be: How many podcasts do you actively and semi-actively (maybe a pcast that you are subscribed to but you only listen to an episode now and then)?


Colin how many for you? You must listen all day!


I listen to 8 actively.

About 10 periodically and a few other stragglers

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Well let's see, of those 20, 6 have gone defunct. But I also listen regularly to How did this get Made, Doug Loves Movies, Science Friday and This American Life (Haven't felt the need to 'complete' them). And I keep an eye on Totally Laime and WTF and will listen depending on the guest.

So 20 actively.


I probably average ~3-4 hours on weekdays, since I have a long commute + walking between class. The reason I've managed to complete so many is when I'm on a work term, I've tended to have jobs that can have periods of monotony where podcasts can be easily consumed.


This is starting to feel like the midroll survey all over again.

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For now I'll just post podcasts with more than 100 eps.


Once I listen to the latest eps of both Whooh and Tooch I will have heard every episode of my #1 favourite podcast Who Charted? which would bring it to 185. The fine British gentlemen of For Those About To Rock have given me 173 episodes of alternately hilarious and headbanging joy. CBB/CDR are in there with 212. Jordan Jesse GO with 270. I'm about 4 eps behind on WTF with 377. I've heard every ep of The Slashfilmcast (aka /filmcast) which is at 222, but they had a good 50+ After Dark shows in there too I think, and those count too right?


My highest is Keith and The Girl with 1757 episodes, but since I don't play fair I add the 39 episodes of Chemda's spin-off solo show and the 8 of Keith's and push it up to 1804. They were the first, originalest, pioneeringest professional comedy podcasters I know of and since they're daily I would guess there isn't another podcast around with more episodes, but if there is I'd be curious to hear about it.



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My highest is Keith and The Girl with 1757 episodes, but since I don't play fair I add the 39 episodes of Chemda's spin-off solo show and the 8 of Keith's and push it up to 1804.

Jesus. Good to know if I plan on an 1800 hour road trip in the next little while.

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I think I have 15 or so of which I listen to every episode and another 10 or 12 of which I select based on guests or recommendations. I work alone a lot as well as listening when I'm doing chores and stuff so I typically have around 8-10 hours on week days and another 4 to 6 hours on weekends. If I work Saturday, which I do about half the time, that's more like 12-14 hours.


That reminds me, I've heard every episode of Carolla's podcast, which after 5 shows a week for 4 years must also be over 1000 by now.


This thread is obviously unfair (which I'm in favour of, to be clear) as far as "respect points" go though, right Roc? I took off on this journey back at The Dawn of Podcasting, or at least soon enough after it that I could still hear the early birds chirping. To use a luuuuuuudicrously self-glorifying analogy I'm the podcast-listening equivalent of the grizzled combat vet with 8 tours, 23 scars and so much embedded shrapnel I can't go within 16 feet of a magnet by this point.



Jesus. Good to know if I plan on an 1800 hour road trip in the next little while.


Ha! Man, when I think about it there are probably more like 2100 to 2300 hours in there since episodes of KATG typically range from 55 minutes to 100 minutes, but have gone 120 probably 50 times and even up to 150 minutes on maybe half a dozen occasions. You could even throw in their three marathons (74, 72 and 54 hours) for good measure. If you wanted.


It is crazy in some ways when I think about it, but then, generally speaking, I'm not sure there's another pop culture medium in the history of pop culture media that peeps spend more time with than radio and/or podcasting, and the way I've tended to roll I'm in that boat even more than most. And Keith and The Girl is a fascinating case if you're any kind of nerd about the medium of podcasting itself, and especially about profesional podcasting.

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Totally Laime & Totally Married, How Did This Get Made, The JV Club, Janie & Aaron Does Hollywood, This Feels Terrible, Slumber Party With Alie and Georgia and I'm working on How Was Your Week

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Analyze Phish


Comedy and Everything Else (with Todd Glass and most without)

Doug Loves Movies (excluding mini episodes),

Earwolf Challenge,

Earwolf Presents,


Never Not Funny (including Pardcast-a-thons),

The Cracked Podcast,

The Dana Gould Hour,

The Dead Authors Podcast,

The Long Shot Podcast,

The Pod F. Tompkast,

The Ricky Gervais Show,

The Todd Glass Show,


I listened to the first 200 or so WTF and Nerdist but now I just listen depending on the guests.

I listen to CBB - Mon, Longshot/NNF - Wed, I4H -Thurs, Todd Glass Show - Fri I always wondered why Podcasts are never released on a weekend (to my knowledge),

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My Brother, My Brother, and Me, Mike Detective, Comedy Bang Bang, the Fogelnest Files, Shots Fired, and probably some more that I am forgetting.

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