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Shameful plug for the sake of the RVA comedy community

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Richmond VA has a burgeoning comedy scene and The Richmond Comedy Coalition (RCC) is at the heart of it. The RCC puts on great improv comedy shows right now about 3 times a month and teaches 4 levels of improv classes that have grown tremendously in attendance Now we're trying to expand farther. We have reqruited a lot of great new performers and plan to open a new comedy theater (The Coalition Theater) in the arts district of Richmond VA that will house various performances weekly. I understand that most if not all of you reading this are far from Richmond VA but its a fantastic little city and this really can make it even better.




We're currently heading a kickstarter campaign to get the money we need to furnish our new space. Heres the link.


Coalition Theater Kickstarter


We currently have 9 days to go and we're feeling a little short at just a little of half our goal pledged. We could really use the help of some big comedy fans. 5 bucks can go a long way (not as far as 10 bucks but whose counting? (I am...I can read your name after you donate right on kickstarter...the entire planet can... (donate 15 bucks)))



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