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Episode 150.5 — Sklarbro County 55

July Diaz's Photo July Diaz 10 Jun 2013

Our old buddy Rich Eisen returns for some County insanity! Rich gives us his predictions for the upcoming NFL season, counts down his Top 5 Michigan sport moments, and explains why we’ll never see a NFL draft in April ever again. Dan Van Kirk also brings in some crazy stories that include; a live sex show busted inside a Utah movie theater, a Pennsylvania woman arrested after police found her pulling grass while naked, and the story of the hot dog hooker or stripper (depending on who you ask). Plus, Chicago legend Doug Buffone drops by for a special in-studio appearance!

Kickpuncher's Photo Kickpuncher 11 Jun 2013

Someone posted the live sex show story in the CBB section and pointed out that it's a "real life Don DiMello", so mentioning Monsters University here in relation to it was a pretty amazing bit of unintentional synergy.

dunegrass's Photo dunegrass 11 Jun 2013

I like how Rich ended things with a very subtle "booyah".

Bruce Reid Robinson II's Photo Bruce Reid Robinson II 12 Jun 2013

Rich giving some love to Auburn, I dig it.

Hilarious stories as always.

I'm getting jazzed for the Seattle show in July guys.

Novato's Photo Novato 12 Jun 2013

Wehrenberg Theatres!


GiantRobotSexMonster's Photo GiantRobotSexMonster 12 Jun 2013

I'm from Norristown, PA, the town where the naked lady was pulling grass.

1 - Nowhere near Hershey, 10 miles outside of Philadelphia.
2 - "Wet" is a major issue here, and this story is par for the course.
3 - The US Open is happening right down the street from Norristown, creating a nice, temporary mix of rich, entitled douches and poor, uneducated dum-dums.