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Episode 154.5 — Sklarbro County 59

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The dulcet tones of Andy Peters is apart of the insanity that is this week’s Sklarbro County! Andy tells us a bit about coming up in the Seattle comedy scene, breaks down the different wrestling eras, and shares how he’s been trying to capture the essence of comedy festival hangouts with his mini-podcast broadcasts called “Wandertown.” Dan Van Kirk then brings us some of the usual County headlines which include; a South Florida mother accused of locking her child in room during a drunken party with 26 minors, a Florida man who took Applebee’s karaoke a little too far, and a Tulsa homeowner who hogties an attempted burglar. Oh yeah, it wouldn’t be a County without a visit from the man himself, Steven Seagal. Attention people of San Diego, come see Randy & Jason perform stand-up at the American Comedy Company this weekend (July 11th-13th)! Get your tickets at www.americancomedyco.com

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Good episode. Sounded like everyone was really having a blast.

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