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Brett Arnold

Episode 161.5 — Sklarbro County 66

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The hilarious & talented Sean O'Connor drops by the county this week to talk about writing for the ESPYs, working with Jon Hamm & what is was like to grow up as a sports fan in New Jersey. The guys talk about their strange obsession with the Real Housewives TV series, reflect on the struggles related to binge watching Breaking Bad and do some quality Blue Collar comedy impressions. In addition to providing the usual round of Florida-based ridiculousness, Dan Van Kirk also announces his new weekly sports writing gig for Cover32, which will be published every Monday morning during the NFL season. Be sure to stick around for a voicemail from a very familiar A-lister and don't forget to visit Laffster and get your virtual ticket for the free live interactive Sklarbro Country event this Wednesday, August 28th at 6PM pacific!

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This was a good episode, and I appreciate that when discussing Sean's Mets fandom, they didn't bring up Matt Harvey and his boundless-and-not-at-all-at-risk-for-injury future, or I might have thrown my phone out of the bus window.

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Am I a crazy Iowan who takes umbridge with the lack of knowledge about our beloved State Fair (and by extension, the Butter Cow)? Did I finally create a forum account on Earwolf JUST to respond to the misinformation presented in this episode? Am I avoiding my work as an accountant for a large corporation right now as I type this? The answer to all three of these questions is yes. Correction: the Butter Cow is at the Iowa State Fair, not the "Butter Festival" which, as far as I know, does not exist. There was one woman who carved the Butter Cow for many many years (Duffy Lyon of Toledo, IA), and the woman who does so now apprenticed with Duffy for over 15 years. I think the "documentary" that Sean O'Connor was referring to was the movie "Butter" starring Jennifer Garner - I haven't seen the movie, but I am sure it's a fun (fictionalized) story that has a lot of Iowa true-isms. And although the giant butter sculpture is obviously a huge waste of edible dairy product (albeit not the healthiest one), most of the butter does get reused on the next year's sculpture for up to 10 years. Some more fun Butter Cow facts: http://www.iowastatefair.org/fair-attractions/butter-cow/.


I understand that NONE of this information is important, and that likely 99% of Sklarbro Nation will never attend the Iowa State Fair, but as someone who lives in a state which is constantly either confused with Idaho or Ohio, or known only for caucuses and Rep. Steve King, I feel compelled to stand up for my state pride! We're not all idiots who line up ONLY to see a cow made of butter - we're going to at least have a corn dog and a pork chop on a stick while we do it.


~Hugs and Hendersons from the Hawkeye state

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