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Episode 39 — There Is Ninjas

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I've always been curious about the hair dresser mafia (the mop--colloquially). Not asking anyone to name names (aside from Brian Seacrust, obvi) but people talk--and I wanna hear. That's just me, but let's see here from a journalist's perspective we've got...


A) Top-ten celebrity mouth-holes.

B) Hayes-ing: a cascading weekly segment in which Hayes agrees to publicly address a fan's question in the next week's episode if his terms are met.

C) Phat booty cyrus (aka billy ray) <<segment should be pretty self-explanatory.

D) Tweets that Matter: a segment in which the week's highs and lows are evaluated and broken-down.

E) Clemency: a segment where Sean defends and ultimately pardons the week's most brutal victim of the paparazzi


ignore me, i'm just bored at work.


But one thing I might actually be interested in is how to know if the screenplay you are working on already exists?? I put a good deal of work into an apocalypse comedy only to find out that it was already in production. And on that note--what do you do when ur billion dollar idea for an urban zip line is thwarted by jerry seinfeld in a capital one commercial 2 years ago??

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So, Hayesean, I listened to the preview clip and I know you were asking each other (or having your people ask each other's people to ask each other) what I thought of it. So I figured I would just tell you rather than let you speculate.


I loved it! I really fucking loved it! I wasn't sure I would (lie), but I did. It was really fucking delightful. It brought down heavenly fucking beams of sunlight into the deep recesses of my blackened soul. I am also going to choose to believe that it was the reason that there was an entire day of sunshine today, interrupting the usual nine months of gray drizzle that we here in Seattle call the Autumnalwinterspring season. So Tanks But Yes Tanks for that as well.


Also, I officially forgive you for quitting the Reality SHOWShow and I will pray every day that our Lord and saviour, TJ Lavin, also forgives you.


Looking forward to some quality broing-down with my chilled out Hollywood Insider bros this Tuesday!


Love You, Bye.

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A very late question for the new show if I may: Hayes and Sean, you guys have entertained us for so long with stories about all our favorite Hollywood stars of stage and screen, but what about YOUR story? How did you two get your start in the business we call showbiz? When did you know you "made it"? How did you two meet? Did you instantly know you would be friends or was there some initial tension?


Thanks!! Your fan,


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My RSS feed just now updated to tell me that the final episode of RSS has aired, and I just want to say how touched I am that you guys gave me a shoutout even though I didnt post in a while due to my faulty RSS feed. It was really big of you to recognize the trouble the RSS feed has given me these past 2 years and you really stepped up and gave me a great shout out, though it would have been extra good if you had mentioned the RSS feed when you said I didn't post anymore. If theres one thing to take away from this whole crazy ride its that you should always clean out your RSS feed every spring cleaning because if not it gets clogged up and sometimes stops updating, which stops you from knowing when podcasts release their final episode or from posting about that podcast.



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