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Episode 197 — Mac N Cheese Please!

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He's a familiar face from your TV screen, and is a dojo of showbiznass - our friend RYAN JUDD came on and we talk first times smoking pot, eating bad food when the missus is away, foot in mouth problems, and Elizabeth finishes this super fun episode off with a tangent about why AMURICA is fucked. Enjoy!

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Aw man, you guys are crazy! Kraft Mac N' Cheese? KRAFT!? That's what kids like because they don't know what food tastes like yet :)


That cheese powder stuff; that's soooo far from cheese flavor. Anything nuclear orange is, for sure, 100% artificially created. Something that's a clear sign you should steer clear of this; like how poisonous insects are brightly colored in nature as a warning sign. lol.


This was the first Totally Laime I listened to btw, and I gotta admit, I kinda like what I hear. It's different for sure, but it's pretty good nonetheless - very different pacing from the other Earwolf shows it seems, but I think I'll be checking in on this again in the future. Sounds like you guys have some fun conversations :)

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Elizabeth, why are you always bringing up these bummertown true stories about children being murdered?

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