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Episode 156.5 — 11/29/13 TWO CHARTED 95

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No need to feel like you’re getting HAMMERED now that you got Howard and Pulak the Great on this week’s post-Cramstuffedgiving ep of TWO CHARTED! Howard gives chartists a week to send in their best predictions of what a certain phrase could mean as he counts down his Wieek That Was and Kulap gives us an update on her documentary while talking about the future. That’s not all, some lovely chartists gave them some GIFTS! You too can give that special someone a chance to play the GIFTS theme by picking up the Who Charted? Holiday Bundle and a pair of Kulap Vilay-SOCKS over at the Earwolf store!

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"What did you see?"




"It was a Doctor Who themed thing, right?"


"Oh, that makes sense now."

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