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Episode 168 — Survived the Whistling

July Diaz's Photo July Diaz 19 Feb 2014

It’s palm strike time as Graham Elwood returns to Who Charted with Ku-Ku & Uncle Howard! Graham sheds a few tears as he reveals that he’s a sucker for Pop songs and Howard explains how Lone Survivor has pushed him toward sobriety during the Billboard Hot 100 Music Chart. Then, Graham gets into how Ear Buds: The Podcasting Documentary came to be and we all learn more about Howard’s movie watching habits as they count down the Top 5 Box Office Movies. Later, we hear why Graham would rather be Batman from the Dark Knight graphic novels than a samurai as he answers your questions during the Tweet Chart!

If you’d like to pledge to the Ear Buds: The Podcasting Documentary project, head over to https://www.kickstar...ing-documentary.

PuncturedJesus's Photo PuncturedJesus 19 Feb 2014

Howard's looking good in that shirt. I hope he's wearing it because there's some sort of B&B announcement.

sarah's Photo sarah 19 Feb 2014

Mamet did State and Main, which wasn't bad. Philip Seymour Hoffman starred in it.

daveB from Oakland's Photo daveB from Oakland 19 Feb 2014

"Do people ever complain about your whistling?"


DubipR's Photo DubipR 19 Feb 2014

Thank you for having on the Whistling Bane himself, Graham Elwood! Hearing Graham on anyone's podcast is fantastic. While the guest is usually the draw, its the Kremerisms that make the episodes that much better. My Top 5 favorite Kremerisms of this ep:

5. Howard's Movie Notes- 10 pages to understand The Lego Movie?!?!?!? Oh god, I cried out laughing at work. Kulap, Brett...you NEED to post all the pages on an episode of Twooch!
4. Howard and David Mamet- Wie Wie's impersonation of Alec Baldwin quizzing Kulap on Mamet 5 ala GlenGary was wonderful. I had a smile on my face.
3. Howard's description of Descipable Me 2's Minions- "They wear goggles, overalls and have yellow jaunticed skin. This aren't good role models for kids, they're people that live on Venice Beach" Mind.............Blown *makes exlposion sound* That's nothing short of brilliant.
2. Kickstarter and Howard- This might've been the highlight of the show. Wie Wie's understanding of how KS works.... why doesn't Howard have a TV show?

and the number one Kremerism of this week's episode (NUMBA ONE!):
1. "This is about as Jewish you can get in a song"- Wie Wie's description of Get Dirty by Jason Derulo was the gutbuster of the show.

Killing it you guys. Thanks for the Wednesday laughs!


MLoPDX's Photo MLoPDX 19 Feb 2014

"Become" is 2014's "whuch."

Also, did Mamet do anything worthwhile? Well, I enjoy watching his daughter Zosia on Girls, especially in that last episode. So I would go ahead and say he did, plays aside.


Please, please, please let us see Howard's movie notes.

Kickpuncher's Photo Kickpuncher 19 Feb 2014

Great episode. Nice to stretch it out a bit after some short episodes.

It was pretty funny when Graham "corrected" Howard for his perfectly correct pronunciation of "Alfonso Cuaron".

Brett Morris's Photo Brett Morris 20 Feb 2014

Howard wrote and circled "Princess Toadstool" on his notes.

NameThatPunky's Photo NameThatPunky 21 Feb 2014

That's all I've ever wanted to know.