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Episode 145 — Data

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Dan Phipps, a blastronaut who has a MLIS from UCLA and works at the California Digital Library on the Data Management Plan Tool joins the gang to teach them some facts about how to collect data, what it means, and how to use it get the results you want when it comes to crafting perfect jokes. Also, the group discusses Crock pots, Craigslist, and finally bring back the "scuttleback".

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"Chili. Soups..."


I thought that was a legitimately hilarious and intentionally funny line from Aaron, and was pretty disappointed when he admitted it wasn't intentional.


Kyle is right about "June 17, 1994" being a great documentary. The one event he forgot was an NBA Finals game between the Knicks and Rockets, which NBC cut away from to show the OJ chase.


Great episode. YES!

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