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Episode 195 — Cum Sock Bet

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Super hilarious stand-up comedian and longtime Sklarbuddy Ari Shaffir of The Skeptic Tank & Punch Drunk sports podcast finally makes his way to the calming shores of Sklarbro Country! We’ll hear what it was like for Ari to tell his very religious parents that he’s an atheist, what Ari now needs to do after recently losing a disgusting basketball bet, and what it was like being in the room at the Comedy Store during the Carlos Mencia & Joe Rogan controversy. After an explosive round of Quick Hits, we’ll find out what Dick Vitale is up to now that the NCAA tournament is over. So put your headphones on, find your most relaxing spot to relax, and feel #blessed that you’re not at Coachella but instead unwinding at the calming shores.

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