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Episode 154 — Social Networks

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Tig, Kyle, and David start the s how off by discussing Easter and its weird by-products, bunnies, and traditions. Then, David Kennedy from the Rand Corporation joins them to discuss social groups, what makes someone interesting, comedian networking, social IQs, and friendship. If you're still not convinced, you'll hear a brand-new female version of the Scuttleback song, and more topics like Twitter, homeless people, and #diarrhea!

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I am just now at the moment where the guest arrives and already he is one of my favorites with his 'Do you fuckbags always call people last minute to be on your show?' implication. Surly PB guests, always the best.

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He was cool in general, but it seemed extremely weird to ask that on air at all, particularly right at the beginning before any sort of rapport was established.


Loved the wealth of new Tig characs in this episode - Interesting Scuba Diver, Proud Texan, Cash Cow


When David mentioned social networks among animals, this immediately came to my mind:


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Oh, you take your balls, you take your sack,

You stuff them deep behind your crack.

You scuttle back, you scuttle back.


Your friend leans in to check for lumps

You both feel like a pair of chumps.

You scuttle back, you scuttle back.


Your grab your boobs if you're a gal

And show em to a girly pal.

You scuttle back, you scuttle back.


You squeeze and twist and jiggle 'em 'round

And see if any lump is found,

You scuttle back, you scuttle back.


And that's the way you check yourself.

A real fun way to maintain good health.

The scuttle back. The scuttle back!


(I had a physical this week and when the doctor checked me for testicular cancer, it was all I could do to keep from bursting into song. I love Professor Blastoff! I love Tig, Kyle and David. I miss Aaron!)


Welp, that's been comment.

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