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Episode 259 — Last Laugh #1!

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Laimewads, it's here. The final frontier, the last laugh, the end of the road. And we couldn't be happier because today our guest happens to be one of our all time favorite comedic actors - from two of our all time favorite comedies, (Office Space and Swingers!) ... dun dun dun... RON LIVINGSTON! If anyone in my life had ever told me that Ron motherf**king Livingston would be kicking it in my dining room, drinking a beer with us, we'd have laughed. Well turns out we're still laughing, but this time it's with Ron Livingston, in our dining room, drinking beers!! Staying true to our motto "asking the most important people the least important questions", we discuss urinals, last meals, home remodels and sexual awakening movies. We love Ron. And we love you. Enjoy!

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Nicely done!


I was a little leery of them bringing in a first-timer for the "last laugh," especially someone who isn't known for doing podcasts, but this was a perfect way to go out - just a regular episode, lots of great tangents, great Lame or Totally, and one last person being confused by The Oprah Game.

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Sucks that this podcast is over. I'll probably listen to the back episodes that I missed. I always liked Elizabeth. She's adorable and a very nice interviewer.

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