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The Ultimate Dice

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I have seen a few dice made out of cool materials (these tusks, dino bones, meteroites and so on) and part of me wishes I owned a pair and another part of my cringes that we could turn a piece of history into a "toy". In the end, I think I would pass on the chance to own a pair but not shun anyone who does.

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I just returned to the forums for the first time since Sark left. While browsing I noticed this thread and felt it was a good (safe) place to post this.


I do an improv D&D comedy show with a buddy of mine. We use giant dice to determine everything in the show, classes/story/mobs/encounters/ect. Occasionally we get requests to buy the dice we use. As we are broke ass actors, when I have time I will make a few to sell.


So while crafting the one of these things I decided to listen to some old nerd poker episodes. My girlfriend walked into the room while I was working and said "are you listening to a podcast about D&D while crafting a giant 20 sided die?" "I sure am" I said with a strange confidence.


She just nodded and left the room. I assume to sign up for match.com.

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