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Episode 13 - Groundhog Day w/ Stephen Tobolowsky

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Bing! Actor extraordinaire Stephen Tobolowsky joins Matt to chat about his role as Ned Ryerson, the insurance salesman who pesters Bill Murray each and every morning in Groundhog Day. Stephen talks about shooting his famous scene in every weather condition imaginable, improvising with Bill Murray, Harold Ramis as a personal hero, and much more. Stephen also tells us about his experience on Deadwood, working with a spiritually-transformed Steven Seagal, and the worst squibbing of his life. Plus, Matt interviews a very special lady in his life in a new segment called I Was There Mew.

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Despite this thread now being months and months old, I had to come and talk about how hard I laughed during the "I Was There Mew" segment. I even played it for my mom the next time I saw her because Margeaux is just like my cat in that she meows non-stop and eats every fuckin' thing in site because she is the fattest thing to ever live. So we both really really enjoyed that conversation.


I appreciate the amount of cat talk, Mr. Gourley. You don't even know.

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