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Episode 7 — All About Steve

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Sorry for the delay with this episode, but it takes a while to fully comprehend All About Steve. Paul, Jason, June, and special guest Brandon Johnson tried their hardest, but still couldn't figure out how this mildly racist, poorly structured, bizarrely performed movie got made. See if you can guess how much money this flop cost to make, and listen for your alternate horror movie titles.

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This is all you need to see to know what this movie is all about.

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Holy photoshop batman.


No one's heads look like they belong on that body.

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The music in this movie is public domain.it's the same music they used for the 404 podcast.

if you listen to a older episode it's the same music and the guys behind Cnets the 404 said one time they just used a sample cd that comes with some podcast software, the sample cd is all public domain music that anyone can use.




btw in case someone was looking for this movie in tv, it was on cosmotv here in canada so if we have any canada listeners who are looking for it check the listings for all about steve there. I am so happy I didn't pay any money to see this crappy movie. wasn't as bad of a movie as I was expecting.

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