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Episode 44 — It\'s Go Tyne!

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Summer is creeping upon us which means three things: Skimpy badminton outfits, a new season of Celebrity Rehab, and fun fresh episodes of Sklarbro Country. This week's guest Nate Corddry puts his brother Rob to shame with his thick head of hair and wealth of sports knowledge. Fresh off his tour of historic baseball fields, Nate shares with us what it means to be a Corddry at a Red Sox game. Jesse Thorn is back once again with a fantasy report so meta it'll blow your mind! If you're looking to fatten up before Anna Kournikova joins The Biggest Loser and want to do so for free, email Taste of the Nation LA to volunteer. Burn some calories trying to catch a Frisbee like this guy, and before you set off a poop bomb on your neighbor, protect your family with a will from LegalZoom (your neighbor WILL retaliate).


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This is my favorite episode so far. Nate was a great guest, the takes were solid, it was a perfect thing. The story about Tyne Daly's giant portrait over the agent's desk and the SklarBros' suggested captions again made me LOL in a public place where LOLing was probably not appropriate.

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