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Episode 7 - Bill Weld: The Libertarian Contender

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Vice presidential candidates can make or break a campaign. Remember Sarah Palin? So do Katie and Brian. That sets the stage for today's interview with Libertarian vice presidential candidate William 'Bill' Weld. He is one of the great characters in American politics. The former governor of Massachusetts discusses his long-shot race for the White House and his lengthy career -- which he began working alongside Hillary Rodham Clinton. Governor Weld also talks about the strengths of his running mate, Governor Gary Johnson, addresses the campaign's gaffes, and shares why he's not swayed by criticism that his ticket could swing the presidential election.

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Props to this interview. I don't know if she broke the story technically, but Weld didn't exactly dance around his non-caring about Johnson's campaign and running more to stop Trump's election. I know it's not a big story, but this forum has few comments and I like the podcast so far.

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