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Episode 33 - IRL-ASMR

July Diaz's Photo July Diaz 17 Oct 2016

Did someone say "brain orgasms??" Today's caller did! She gives Geth a lesson in how to whisper in just the right way to make Beaut/Anon listeners' brains tingle & feel the stress melt away. ASMR me ASAP!

stretchza's Photo stretchza 25 Oct 2016

not convinced about this ASMR thing...but all i could think of was what a good ASMR recording phoebe judge would make...I would totally listen to that

misophone71's Photo misophone71 02 Nov 2016

Wow. As a misophone, this was a hard episode to listen to. ASMR is usually the exact opposite of what we want to hear. Instead of having a tingling brain and my stress melting away I'm now on edge and super-stressed, But to each their own I suppose. I'm still enjoying the podcast. Thanks! (https://en.wikipedia...wiki/Misophonia)

urbansuburbia's Photo urbansuburbia 20 Dec 2016

Gah, I can't do ASMR. Freaks me out. 25 minutes into this, and I think I may have to turn it off.