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#135 Burt Ward

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50 years ago, ABC's "Batman" series debuted, launching "Batmania" and introducing the world to a 21-year-old actor named Burt Ward. Burt joins Gilbert and Frank for a look back at one of the most popular and enduring shows in TV history, sharing his memories of co-star/mentor Adam West, Frank Gorshin, Vincent Price and yes, Cesar Romero. Also, Burt spars with Bruce Lee, Adam makes like Moses, Shelley Winters works her charms and Ol' Blue Eyes lobbies for the role of The Joker. PLUS: Lesley Gore! Lorenzo Semple Jr! "Legends of the Superheroes"! Batman meets "The Ghost of Frankenstein"! And Burt and Adam go to a nudist colony!

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Glad this is on Earwolf now! I only discovered it about a month ago and it's absolutely hilarious and he's gotten a huge amount of exclusive guests.

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Super stoked that Gilbert and Frank are on Earwolf. Been listening to them a long time and got very annoyed by their other Sideshow podcast ads at the ends of their episodes...


This was a pretty great episode. Unfortunately we got no closer to discovering the veracity of the Cesar Romero oranges story than before. Either the Batman cast are a tightlipped crew or maybe Gilbert is hoping to make this a "real" apocryphal story...I swear most of the references online go right back to Gilbert!

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