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[GAMING PODCAST] Talk About Games Ep. 01 Retro Gaming Memories

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Hey everyone! I have recently made my new podcast, called Talk About Games! It's a podcast where I, Nick, talk about some of my fun and crazy stories about my gaming history, give my opinions/reviews on new games and consoles, and also share some new gaming news! Episodes air every Tuesday! Thanks! :) -Nick







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Hey, I'm Nick from the Sketchy Nonsense Podcast. I gave it a listen and here's what I got:


I know you mentioned you only were using your webcam mic because you didn't have your other mic. Next time for sure use the other mic. Sound quality is key when you're trying to keep someones attention with nothing but audio.


I'd say watch how many times you say "Uh" & "Um" it seemed to be a lot but I will assume it's you're first podcast so I think that will pass. You can also edit those out after you record, we used to have to do that when we first started.


Also, don't apologize for liking COD back in the day! They USED to be great games!



Personally, I don't think you need to announce that you will be right back because for us, the listener we wouldn't know you even left if you just edited it together. Could cut out the part where the phone rings altogether, that sort of thing can take people out of your podcast.


I like your idea of listening or doing something else while playing a game like Destiny, that game can get boring for sure.


I liked that you elaborated on the games you loved and played on NES


I didn't know about the game ukulele and I'm glad you don't make the assumption that your audience does and you explain it


All in all, it was solid. I'm not a huge fan of podcast that only feature one person talking. However I think you show that you have enough energy to carry along a show by yourself pretty well.


Good work and if you find the time give OUR podcast a listen. We cover gaming as well as many other things, we're always looking for feedback as well. Link is below & keep it up!


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