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Episode 38 - The Imploding GOP and Climate Change Woes (w/ Leah Bonnema, Jimmy Williams)

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Jimmy Williams (DecodeDC) and Leah Bonnema (New York Comedy Festival) join Negin to talk about Trump’s new executive order on climate change, strife within the GOP, and the automation of everything. Plus, they delve into why the mortality rate is rising for middle-aged white people without a college degree.

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The last segment on rising mortality rates for middle-aged white people was at best insensitive and at worst simply cruel. Neither Jimmy, Leah, nor Negin expressed any sympathy for this public health catastrophe, and their responses -- "just suck it up; be resilient; why should the government help them" etc -- sounded like the Republicans they affect to dislike. Have any of them been to a small town in the Rest Belt where there are no jobs and the despair and hopelessness is obvious everywhere?

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