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Hey everyone


I'm working on this a project right now in my entrepreneurship class and need to know whether it's something people would actually use:


Essentially, it would be a podcast media platform that acts like a smart search engine for specific segments of podcasts, where producers could "tag" snippets of a longer podcast with the relevant keywords and phrases. That way you would be able to search for a specific 5 minutes on the topic you wanted to hear, rather than go through an entire 30-50 minute episode that you may or may not be interested in.


Is this something you could see a use for? Yes or no? I would seriously love some feedback on this. Comment whether you are a listener or producer! I'm willing to talk to people by email or phone as well if you think you can help more--you could end up published somewhere in our pitch!

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Other than music-only ones, who listens to podcasts in 5 minute increments? This sounds like an ok addition to Soundcloud or art19, but only useful for skipping ahead if a segment is stalling, but you can do it manually just as easily.

The big game-changer in podcasts seems to be video feed, which is only getting easier to implement, as for media platforms, there's probably too many as it is.

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