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The Fate of the Furious (2017)

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Does the scene in "Hackers" count where Johnny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie are fighting for control of the tape-changing robot at the local TV station? It may be the most hilariously petty hacker fight of all time.


:lol: No no, Hackers is the exception. But in literally all other instances it just undoes any goodwill the movie has earned til that point.



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It's been so long since I've seen Tokyo Drift I just projected my own assumptions on it.


You also have to account that Bow Wow KNOWS Han. So figuring in Bow Wow met Han sometime in there too. Plus Han has to set up his garage and make his connections.


Yeah, it's a mess of a timeline.

From the Wikia for the series, Han set himself up fairly easily and quickly due to keeping most of his fortune intact and not buying a bunch of extravagant shit, unlike Roman or the two Brazilian dude. He also assumingly had Giselle's fortune after her death so it was easy for him to set up an auto shop and then ingratiate himself into the drifting underground.

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Thank God the team stopped that nuke from launching!



But surely the Russian defense minister mowing down New Yorkers in broad daylight with a minigun will cause a war anyways

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After the nonsense of the lack of continuity of the Xmen movies, the FF time line doesnt upset me any more than the average soap opera or pro wrestling angle.


The Family was not thrilled about Owen Shaw joining the group, but they definitely didnt put up any fight other than "C'mon man, really? No Way. Ok then"


Scott Eastwoods character is pretty limp. I thought he was going to be Brians estranged brother or something like that, but hes the Cousin Oliver of the family for sure.




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