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Xchange (2000)

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Goofy action movie that has Stephen Baldwin, Kyle Mclachlan, and Kim Coates all playing the same character at various points throughout the film.


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Even if this movie is too obscure for them to ever cover I still highly recommend it for your next movie night. Kim Coates and Kyle Mclachlan are two actors that are delightful in everything they do.


And the premise is interesting as well, even more so when you consider that Lyft and Airbnb both came into existence after this came out. I've seen countless movies that have people sending their consciousness into androids or clones but Xchange does a nice twist to the genre with it being high level executives swapping bodies to save time on travel.

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Okay so this movie is like Face Off meets Reindeer Games. Starring Stephen Baldwin, Kyle MacLachlan and Kim Coates. This needs to be an episode, its a classic Virtuosity situation where this is a solid "vision of the future" kind of movie that gets so unnecessary crazy. There is also a weird thing that there are several nude scenes but all the woman are very petite and small breasted. I know it sounds odd to notice but it seemed like a choice by the directer or casting. And thats just the start. Let me repeat Steven Baldwin

Imdb describes it as "In the future, where it's faster to travel by exchanging bodies with someone at the destination, a man's body is hijacked by a ruthless terrorist."

I repeat, Steven Baldwin, is in this movie and I don't think there has been a HDTGM with Steven, gotta check off another Baldwin for the show.

Thank you for your time




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Like this movie you should get ready for some merging action, I've already posted a thread on it I think. I agree this would be alot of fun for them to an episode on. But even if they don't its a pretty terrible/great movie that I recommend regardless. 

I think casting Stephen Baldwin as a mindless clone is as close as you can get to him playing true to life. 

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