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Nerd Poker 2.0!

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Man, did it make my day when I checked my podcast app a little while ago and saw TWO new Nerd Poker episodes waiting for me.


So glad to have ya'll back. Dan, I'm glad you're feeling better.


Thanks guys!

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NICE! Thanks for posting this. I'm sure I would have learned about it eventually, but I'm glad I don't have to fall behind before that happens.

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I guess they're outside of Earwolf now? Let's give it a go, see if a restart means the quality will be back up again.


On a sidenote, I'm not really feeling the Patreon thing.. ofcourse no one is forcing me to become a patron, but everyone and their brother is now asking for a monthly subscription, and it's starting to feel a bit like being needled to economical death.

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