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Episode 292 - Ice Cream Sex Party

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Mookie Blaiklock, Lou Wilson, and Jacob Wysocki join Matt Besser for this week’s improv4humans! They perform improvised scenes about fattening your son into a basketball player, making up new curse words to use on the schoolyard, and an Uber that gets mistaken for a getaway driver. Plus, they visit what may or may not be a sex party, and a merch issue leads to a confrontation with the Earwolf higher-ups.




292 - Mookie Blaiklock, Jacob Wysocki, Lou Wilson


(1:19 - 7:43) Intro Story - Why Lou doesn’t watch basketball anymore - Fattening up your son so he grows into a big tall basketball player


(7:50 - 15:47) Twitter Suggestion - horse feathers - It’s okay to use made up curse words on the schoolyard


(15:52 - 24:52) Question from Listener - “What is something you love that you don’t talk about?” - Tourists to Skull Island don’t want anything about their trip spoiled/Avoiding life spoilers


(26:53 - 36:12) Let’s Talk About Shit and Piss - Using wolf urine to ward off coyotes - Wolf urine factory tries to streamline production


(37:43 - 46:49) Crap on Youtube - “Uber Driver Picks Up Prostitute Instead of Passenger” - Uber gets mistaken for getaway driver


(46:55 - 56:37) Let’s Talk Some More About That - What’s with these podcast awards? - An ice cream social is ambiguous about whether or not it is actually a sex party


(57:51 - 1:05:54) Twitter Suggestion - Chafing - Using too much shampoo because you don’t know what a dollop is


(1:05:55 - 1:15:45) Intro Story - Earwolf merch doesn’t feature much Besser - Besser petitions Mr. Earwolf for better treatment

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Great ep. Bonus points for the Sean & Hayes level shitting on Earwolf at the end there too.

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That was fun, Matt getting wound up about the podcast award was great. Is it true about Black List getting cancelled? The interviews aside, it's unique and pretty damn cool.

Oh, and the way Matt pronounces Spontaneanation feels like the right way to say it, correctly, it's way worse.

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Scared me, I thought Sklarbro Country was gone. I think they're just doing two different shows. Loved the Scotty Aucks character and the Ice Cream Sex Party scene was amazing.

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