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Episode 88 — Vanity Plates! Incest!

Earwolf Admin's Photo Earwolf Admin 06 Oct 2011

After ten weeks ofnerve-wracking Skype calls as part of The Earwolf Challenge, we've got Matt Besser in our living room and we're going to hold HIS feet to the fire for a change! And by that we mean, we ask him about his grocery shopping and find out why he dislikes Domino's Pizza. This is our first episode on Earwolf, so be sure to drop us a line on the forums (as long as you aren't a troll)!


astralweeks's Photo astralweeks 07 Oct 2011

Team Laime are playing with the big boys and as always the cast seems like comfortable, friendly hang. I am very excited to see how the show will grow and change under the earwolf umbrella.


Gerry Echeverria's Photo Gerry Echeverria 07 Oct 2011

"Forums are like Moshpits." Matt Besser is awesome! I want more Totally Laime and IMPRODCAST!


Julia Hays's Photo Julia Hays 07 Oct 2011

Whoa, Matt Besser's all over the place today with two shows on Earwolf. This was a fun episode. Welcome to Earwolf, Totally Laime! I can't wait to go back and catch up on your past episodes. I'm also super excited for Matt's new improv podcast. Any chance of throwing the title debate up as an Earwolf poll, Matt? Though you have to be careful when you leave voting up to listeners. Earwolf listeners were wise when voting for Reggie Watts' new CBB theme song, but some of them were unwise in voting that Harris Wittels should be bumped from CBB. Democracy can be a scary thing. By the way, I have to go against the grain on this one. My vote's for Improdcast with Matt Besser.


D T's Photo D T 07 Oct 2011

I too am on the Improdcast bandwagon. PA was right that it's a little on the nose, but what's wrong with that? The show will likely sink or swim - at first - on Matt Besser's name, so I'm all for being on the nose.

Matt has been the most obstructionist guest for 'Laime or Totally Rapidfire,' which was completely appropriate.


Tony Rego's Photo Tony Rego 07 Oct 2011

I'm really happy Totally Laime won the challenge, they deserved it. I enjoyed this episode, Besser was great, and I also liked Andy's name drop of Wallpaper, a great local music artist from the bay area.


Torontosaurus's Photo Torontosaurus 07 Oct 2011

I never got around to listening to the EWC, but I'm think I'm really glad you guys won - I'm listening to the Bryan Safi episode and like 2 minutes in it's already explosively awesome.
Yayyy for having a new podcast back catalogue to chew through.


Will1326657711's Photo Will1326657711 07 Oct 2011

In response to the Jonah Hill question, I got to go the set of Momeyball, they shot it last August. So he cut that weight fast. Good for him.


Good's Photo Good 07 Oct 2011

Hey new listeners. Here are some of my favorite episodes: 13 Artemis Pebdani; 15 Megan Ganz; 26 Adam Pally; 42 Mike Burns; 43 Harris Wittels; 66 Aubrey Plaza.


NelsonTwins's Photo NelsonTwins 08 Oct 2011

Great episode, as usual! Matt Besser feels really strongly about the incest issue.


Adam Bozarth's Photo Adam Bozarth 08 Oct 2011

Great Earwolf debut, Elizabeth and Andy!

I actually am from a few hours outside St. Louis, which means my biggest connection to the city is having to fly to Lambert International twice a year and wait out all the holiday-related delays.

Also, very excited about the new Besser improv show! I enjoyed the episode of Sound of Young America where Jesse had a few UCB people try long-form on the radio, so it definitely works!


notmyname's Photo notmyname 08 Oct 2011

Besser is the best.
Also, I checked out episode 45 with Paul Scheer, and its pretty hilarious


OGRastamon's Photo OGRastamon 08 Oct 2011

Congratulations. A great first ep. Wish I had more to say but I usually don't post unless I've got something sufficiently trollish to add.


Joseph Velasquez's Photo Joseph Velasquez 08 Oct 2011

I gotta say this show is pretty shitty. Matt Besser is of course fucking awesome but these two are a complete fucking bore.


Raymond's Photo Raymond 10 Oct 2011

Kudos to Besser for logically assesing sibling incest. Not many people have the guts to speak against illogical but deeply entrenched cultural taboos like that. (I'd suggest that if they do some screening to makes sure the DNA doesn't get fucked up, they could have kids, too)
TL was not my favorite pick during the Challenge, but if you can delve into serious issues like that while keeping it entertaining, I'll certianly keep listening.


Torontosaurus's Photo Torontosaurus 10 Oct 2011

Now that I've finally gotten to this episode, I want to know that Besser's considered all of his name pun options. Something simple like The Besst Cast works on various levels, and I find that less is more for show titles. I didn't like Going to Crazytown until I realized it's an existing term and thus has depth, so if you run with that title you might want to explain the backstory upfront.
But then, I like Improdcast for being loveably bad-good, so whaddwiknow?
(Obviously these forums will be the first place Mr. Besser looks for critical feedback, seeing how well that's gone for him lately, so I know my thoughts here will be taken to heart.)
Anywho, I know I'm nerding out too hard, but I just want to say I'm glad you guys slogged it out though what looks like a total horror show over on the Challenge forums. I love the 'cast (and the Oprah Game) and it's made for a fun, totally nonproductive Thanksgiving weekend - and I haven't even gotten to Good's suggested episodes yet.


Chester's Photo Chester 11 Oct 2011

This was a great episode.


Bucho's Photo Bucho 11 Oct 2011

Good job Elizabeth and Andy and Matt. This was a lot of fun.


Elizabeth Laime's Photo Elizabeth Laime 11 Oct 2011

Thanks everyone for your feedback! It means so much to us. We got Ken Marino coming on next week so stay tuned :)


Julia Hays's Photo Julia Hays 11 Oct 2011

I'm super pumped for the Ken Marino episode, Elizabeth. I hope you post another YouTube clip with that episode too. (I'm spoiled by the Villepique and Besser videos!)