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Episode 304 - Cory Branan and the Magnet Dog Pack

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Cory Branan returns along with Will Hines, Sean Conroy, Mary Holland, and Seth Morris for a musical improv4humans! Cory plays songs off his new album “Adios” that inspire scenes about toilet paper slogans, goofy high school sports nicknames, and an overly affectionate doctor. Plus, we find out what happens when Grandpa brings his second head to Thanksgiving dinner.



Episode 304 - Cory Branan, Will Hines, Sean Conroy, Mary Holland, Seth Morris


(4:31 - 25:32) Let’s Hear A Song - “Only I Know” [4:55 - 6:38] - 1. Toilet paper company pitches slogans based on pop songs (6:39 - 14:53) / 2. High school sports team members get goofy nicknames (15:09 - 25:25)


(27:26 - 53:12) Let’s Listen to Another Song - “Imogene” [27:59 - 31:24] - 1. Will tries to repair his relationship by listing everything he hates about himself (31:29 - 42:36) / 2. Patient misinterprets checkups with a doctor as a relationship (43:00 - 53:00)


(54:09 - 1:20:02) Let’s Listen to Another Song - “The Vow” [55:01 - 59:08] - 1. House shoppers are more interested in hidden treasure than the actual property (59:10 - 1:12:25) / 2. Grandpa pranks everyone with his second head at Thanksgiving dinner (1:12:28 - 1:19:47)


(1:20:05 - 1:35:07) Let’s Listen to Another Song - “Don’t Go” [1:20:59 - 1:24:55] - Stubborn grandma needs to be argued into accepting her death

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Fun episode, feels like this group could perform well after 36hrs of being awake. Liked how Besser wasn't fazed to back the singer into the most depressing corner and create a scene out of it.

Re. the end, there's no shortage of under-par Beatles songs, as is the case with all experimental bands, but there's no point in lingering on any of them when their top 50 is an unquestionable GOAT candidate.

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I wish Matt/Earwolf would hire Mary to come in and record sounds effects over every episode after they've been recorded.

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