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Episode 76 - Salma Hayek Has Theresa May’s...

July Diaz's Photo July Diaz 13 Sep 2017

British Prime Minister Theresa May (Alice Wetterlund) and actress Salma Hayek (Veronica Osorio) are fast friends on this week’s Hard Nation. Theresa reveals she loves hacking the mainframe and threatening her husband with a cane, Salma plugs her movie Batteries Not Included, and yes, they go deep on Brexit. Plus: Mark and Pete both love that scene from My Girl with the bees.

Kickpuncher's Photo Kickpuncher 13 Sep 2017

Everyone should Brexit whatever they're doing right now and listen to this.

St.Krebs's Photo St.Krebs 14 Sep 2017

Mark must have had some real revelations. Takes a lot - being a conservative and changing the way you think. Proud of you, Mark.