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Episode 10 - Always Sad, Always Happy (w/ Will Hines)

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Will Hines (Screw It We're Just Gonna Talk About The Beatles) joins Zach and Jess for the new musical "Always Sad, Always Happy": a tale of spies, ruptured organs, bread, and of course... love. "We Really Hit The Mark in Denmark", "Sneaky Smiley Spy" and "Starcrossed Lovers" are just some of the stand out numbers in this show of Shakespearean-proportions.

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That was a heroic performance from Will Hines, especially given the revelation at the end.


Also, there's a really good book if you're into learning about Scandinavia, The Almost Nearly Perfect People by Michael Booth. Highly informative and entertaining!

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Zach seems like he drinks a pot of coffee before he does this podcast, he's so loopy and full of energy.


Love this episode!

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