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Episode 355 - Always Be Filming

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Actor and improvisor Rob Huebel returns to Who Charted this week for the last episode of the summah! He helps Howard and Kulap count down the Top 5 Trending Music Videos on iTunes while showing off his vast knowledge of popular music. Then, during the Movie Chart, Rob shares a recent personal movie trauma, and Howard dishes out Chanteuse News as well as a special quiz during Two Charted.

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Loved it, the flaying of Mother was a thing of beauty, could have gone on for 10 more minutes. And Good Time is definitely making my meager watch-list for 2017 (along The Disaster Artist and Death Wish).

Only slight disappointment was the lack of room tones, and therefore no ducks.

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"We don't accept you as a musical artist. We know you as a 13 year old that tried to beat up your mom."

- Lotta People

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