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Episode 11 - Shift Your North The Musical: LIVE! (w/ Griffin Newman, Michael Cruz Kayne)

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Literal babbling brooks, navigational-related drama, too many siblings, talking woodland creatures and SO much more are all in this very special live edition of OFF BOOK from the Now Hear This: Podcast Festival. Starring Griffin Newman (The Tick, Blank Check Podcast) and Michael Cruz Kayne (ASSSSCAT, Baby Wants Candy) with Dan Reitz on piano!

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I know that "they made the ads interesting to listen to" is a thing that gets said a lot about different podcasts, but the advertisers have to be happy with those 2 and a half minute songs. If they wanted to buy a jingle it'd cost heaps! And these ones were so good!! It's crazy!!!

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Thank goodness for Chekhov's invisible siblings! *meep meep* I was extremely impressed that Jessica managed to get all of their names right when they finally showed up. Griffin and Michael were awesome too!


"Hey guys, I just got back from the southwest where I think I momentarily made the universe geocentric..."

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