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Episode 312 - Flute Scandal

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The Wild Horses are back! Mary Holland, Erin Whitehead, Lauren Lapkus, and Stephanie Allynne join Matt Besser this week for scenes about the aftermath of their worst show ever, a movie executive who won’t put on his pants, and auditions for a movie with a controversial male lead. Plus, Uber interviews inspire an America’s Got Talent contestant with a penchant for mocking impressions and a cab driver who spends too much time reassuring his riders.



(0:38 - 7:45) Intro Story - The flute scandal - Going door to door to recall these disgusting flutes


(8:12 - 17:17) Intro Story - Have the Wild Horses ever had a mediocre show? - Wild Horses backstage after their worst show ever


(17:21 - 29:56) What the Fuck is Going On - Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault allegations - Lauren deals with ambiguous harassment from an executive while pitching her show


(31:25 - 49:26) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Besser’s personal Weinstein story - Auditions for a movie where the male lead is Bill Cosby


(50:36 - 1:07:36) Let’s Interview an Intern - Long Island Law School Dropout - Mary is too boring for her heroin loving friends


(1:07:42 - 1:23:20) Let’s Interview an Intern - 90s Kids Have No Brain - Lyft driver spends too much time reassuring his passengers that he isn’t creepy

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"Why can't you cum into local kids' flutes?"


As heard at the end, Wild Horses are the champions of call-backs. It feels like there's one or two incredible ones every time they're on.

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I know there must be things in this world that I find to be more delightful than Wild Horses appearing on Improv4Humans, but sitting here now I can't really think of any.

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