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Episode 046: The Henchmen Ranked

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Matt and Matt determine their criteria for Bond Henchpeople and precede to spend two hours ranking 24 of them.

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Very enjoyable episode, I could listen to Matt & Matt for hours.


Just a note about the whole Kriegler vs Loque debate. Loque is clearly the henchman because he does the dirty work, and he works directly for Kristatos. Kriegler is a KGB agent, and he's working with Kristatos but not for him. He has a seperate agenda because he works for General Gogol.


Generally, I think it comes down to the relationship between the henchman/woman and the villain. Oddjob is clearly the henchman because he's totally subservient to Goldfinger and, as Matt G pointed out, he's willing to die for him. The level of subservience differs obviously. For example, Nick Nack is subservient to Scaramanga but he's secretly conspiring to get rid of him and so his loyalty is questionable. And in TLD Necros does the dirty work but he's not subservient to Koskov, in most of their scenes together they act more like accomplices. But he has all the other requisite characteristics of a henchman and in the absence of any other credible alternative he is definitely the chosen one.


And Chang does actually have a line of dialogue. Just before he tries to dispatch Bond in the G-force simulator he lures Dr Goodhead away by telling her: "Mr Drax said to telephone him..." And he delivers it beautifully.

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Loque is the better henchman. He killed more people in FYEO and has the better death scene. Loque for the win.


Also Goldie in "The World Is Not Enough" is the actor but his character is named "The Bull."

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