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Episode 049: Skyfall with Paul Sabourin

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It's the movie that spawned this podcast! Paul Sabourin takes a beat from Paul and Storm to talk to Matt and Matt about Daniel Craig's 3rd Bond film... Skyfall.

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Disagree about Silva having the foresight to plan everything out perfectly. It just seems that way because of how the events play out on screen.


Silva knew by attacking MI6 they would retreat to their underground bunker. Silva being a former agent and computer whiz he knew MI6 protocols. So no plot hole there. In regards to knowing exactly when Q would access the laptop and try to get past the security protocols that doesn't matter either. If Q did it a 8:00am or 2:00pm the next day it doesn't change anything because Silva would still be in the holding cell waiting. The trap was set and Silva was merely waiting for Q to spring it.


As for blowing up the tube and crashing the commuter train. Silva knew someone would give chase, in this case it was Bond. He chose a route where he could escape into the tube system. As for knowing that a train would be coming, well trains do run on a schedule, so one would be along shortly. Silva lucked out that one was on it's way. Depending on the timing blowing a hole in the bottom of the tube would have either killed those chasing him or blocked their path. Plus it would create general chaos. A win win for Silva in either situation.


However none of the above events are dependent on having to coincide with the hearing M is attending. M could have easily been at home or eating in a restaurant, it didn't matter where she was. Silva's plan was to have Q trigger his escape, set off some bombs to kill or slowdown his pursuers, find M and assassinate her.


That fact that M happens to be at the hearing is the filmmakers giving us the most exciting version of those events.

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I'm pretty much with agreement that the sentiment that plot isn't what I came to Bond for. In terms of character bits and imagery, Skyfall's hard to beat.

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The Miss Moneypenny conundrum can be explained away by viewing the name as a job title.


Admittedly it would be a silly job title.

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I always looked at Dr. No - Die Another Day as one timeline of continuity and Casino Royale as the start of the brand new timeline/continuity. Sean Connery and Roger Moore are playing the "same" Bond more or less but Craig's Bond isn't. Casino Royale could be view as Bond 2.1 instead of Bond 21.


It's a clean slate save for Judi Dench. Because she was brought back she is actually playing a different versions of M. For example her M from the Brosnan era viewed Bond as "a relic of the Cold War" while in Casino Royale she states "Christ! I miss the Cold War."


The continuity between the films in the original timeline was very loose and while story threads do carry over in the Craig Era the continuity is also pretty loose. Another M example is her ever changing office. She has a different one in each Craig film. Skyfall alone has three different offices for M!


I would imagine that after Bond 25 the series will go back to stand alone films with a looser floating timeline.

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Per your request Matt and Matt, a list of characters Bond may have had a homoerotic experience with:


Dr. No: Because Dr. No sneaks into Bond's room at night when he's drugged, and when he wakes up, he's in silk pajamas.

Quarrel: Bond specifically tells Quarrel where to sleep. Sounds like he was setting up a Crab Key D/s tryst.

Kerim Bey: Probably crossed swords at the gypsy orgy.

Tiger Tanaka: 100%, in the spa, in the hot tub, because men come first.

Columbo: He seems like a good-time guy. I think Colombo would have insisted, in the name of hospitality.

Felix Leiter (License to Kill): The Matts mentioned it, but his relationship with Felix and Della clearly insinuates carnal knowledge.

Le Chiffre: I mean ... come on ...


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