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Episode 2 - Game Shows

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There are no Whammies on this week’s Raised By TV, as Jon & Lauren revisit game shows like Press Your Luck, Jeopardy and Double Dare. Topics include: why the Aggro Crag is probably disappointing in real life, whether Family Feud is trying too hard to go viral now, and why there needs to be a Celebrity Price Is Right. Plus: the debut of “A Very Special Episode!”


Follow @RBTVpod on Twitter to send your thoughts and questions to the show. You can see Raised By TV live at UCB Sunset on Mon 11/20! Buy tickets here: https://sunset.ucbtheatre.com/performance/58049

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I can already tell that the "Barbecue sauce" at the end of the theme song is going to catch me by surprise and make me laugh every week.

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That’s the point and I love it. They want to see what they can do based off memory. Anyone could do this with research.

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