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Episode 052: Villain Deaths Ranked

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'No Mr. Bond, I expect me to die!' Matt and Matt rank the fates of the villains, killed, survived, or otherwise on this latest installment of James Bonding.

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An Unsolicited Internet Rando's Ideas for Discussion Points to Bond Over:


1. The Locations of Bond - talk 'bout the places the films have visited, their landmarks, featured local weirdness like that butterfly lady from View to a Kill. Rank 'em (or don't).


2. The James Bond RPG - long out of print and likely too arcane for people less nerdy than me to try playing, but a pretty influential game from my youth with a lot of fun supplements that blend the films and expand on the world. I'd offer to GM a session for the Matts on Roll20 but I don't know how much sadder I want this post to get. Anyway, it has stats for Sheriff J.W. Pepper, so it needs to be discussed.


3. Bond-fluences - a review of the fictional and real people and things that resulted in Ion Fleyming's 007. Probably too broad a topic, but fuck it, I'd love to hear the Matts chat about this.


4. Ken Adams - I love set design and film concept art, and I know Matt G. would love to ramble about the guy who helped set the visual standard for the Bond films.


5. Goldeneye Tournament - PFT is apparently killer at this N64 classic. I have no clue how to make this work in an audio-only format, but I wanna hear the Matt's challenge him (or whomever they can get) for the title.


6. Sheriff J.W. Pepper-mania - What if the producers of the Bond franchise had wedged the racist Louisiana redneck into every Bond movie? What hilarious hi-jinks would he have while stumbling across more of 007's adventures? Scuba-diving in Jamaica! Touring Europe on the Orient Express! Good God, imagine the nightmare of Pepper in Tokyo!

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