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Episode 316 - Drag Queen Story Time, Travi...

Dalton Maltz's Photo Dalton Maltz 07 Dec 2017

This week, Bryan brings forth a report from the British tabloid The Sun about drag queens giving LGBTQ-friendly story time and the Anglican Church’s admirable response. Then Erin talks about the shifty treatment of trans shopper Travis Alabanza by Topshop changing facilities, and guest Adam MacLean joins to discuss finding leadership in past transgressions with his new project PostShame.org before giving his take on everything from Justin Timberlake to the dangers of palm oil during a game of Shade or No Shade.

Jack Napis's Photo Jack Napis 07 Dec 2017

Missed callback opportunity re: Oliver's "cute scoot": "Cute Scootin' Boogie."